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a way to migrate mantis tickets and issues into Trac

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Mantis bugs can be imported into Trac using this script.

Currently, the following data is imported from Mantis:

  • bugs
  • bug comments
  • bug activity (field changes)
  • attachments

If you use the script, please read the NOTES section (at the top of the file) and make sure you adjust the config parameters for your environment.

Bugs/Feature Requests

Please report any problems in the [issues section]((https://github.com/Aeon/mantis2trac/issues). Historical bugs and feature requests are on trac-hacks.org.


mantis2trac.py has similar parameters as the bugzilla2trac.py script:

mantis2trac - Imports a bug database from Mantis into Trac.

Usage: mantis2trac.py [options]

Available Options:

  --db [MySQL dbname]                - Mantis database
  --tracenv /path/to/trac/env        - Full path to Trac db environment
  -h | --host [MySQL hostname]       - Mantis DNS host name
  -u | --user [MySQL username]       - Effective Mantis database user
  -p | --passwd [MySQL password]     - Mantis database user password
  -c | --clean                       - Remove current Trac tickets before importing
  --products [Product1,"Product 2"]  - List of products to import from mantis
  --help | help                      - This help info


Original Author:

Paul Baranowski


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a way to migrate mantis tickets and issues into Trac


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