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Cross-post and update meetups across Meetup.com groups

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Megameetup Manager

This app is a tool for managing meetups that span many groups. As the event world went virtual, it became important to move the physical attendees across all our meeetup cities to a single virtual event. In order to do this, we currently have to manually add/update each meetup listing in each Meetup group across various cities. With this tool, the design is 1:n for meetup to Meetup groups - you can add a meetup and choose to post it to as few or as many of the groups you're admin of.

Forked from this original Glitch project, which predates the new OAuth login required by Meetup.

The App

A simple Node app built on Express and utilizing the meetup-api.


v1.0 - Bulk Meetup Creation

  • I can login to this app using the Meetup OAuth flow
  • I can enter details into a form for creating a new meetup
  • I can see a list of the Meetup groups I'm admin of
  • I can select the Meetup groups I'd like to add the new meetup to
  • I can submit the form, and the new meetup will be posted to all the selected groups

v2.0 - Bulk Meetup Updates

  • I can see a list of meetups scheduled across my groups, grouped by meetup title
  • I can select a meetup, and see a form to edit its details, including all groups it's currently scheduled in
  • I can edit the meetup details, including changing/adding/removing which groups it is in
  • I can submit the form, and the existing meetups will be updated/added/removed



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Cross-post and update meetups across Meetup.com groups

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