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using IPFS and meetup.com API

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Mega Meetup

Mega Meetup is a web app which helps users in managing meetups that span many groups. As the event world went virtual, it became important to move the physical attendees across all our meeetup cities to a single virtual event. In order to do this, we currently have to manually add/update each meetup listing in each Meetup group across various cities. With this tool, the design is 1:n for meetup to Meetup groups - you can add a meetup and choose to post it to as few or as many of the groups you're admin of.

The tech stack for building the application would be as follows,

Frontend - ReactJS with Chakra UI Backend - ExpressJS and NodeJS Third party libraries - Meetup.com API Storage - JS-IPFS

IPFS Implementation

Mega meetup also has an IPFS implementation. The admin can share tickets to the event and files with your attendees using IPFS. By this way, you can make sure that the files sent to your attendees are immutable and censorship resistant.


The team consists of 2 developers. The details are listed below :

Team member #1
Name : Kumaraguru T
GitHub : @hackyguru
Email : 19eucs071@skcet.ac.in
Role : Full stack developer with experience in web3 and dapps.

Team member #2
Name : Bhuvanesh TG
Github: @bhuvi100
Role : Full stack developer.

Time Requirements

The project will take upto 1 week for completion. Post completion, we are planning to develop a standalone mega meetup which does not rely on Meetups API. The work will be submitted as an open-soruce/private GitHub repository according to your choice.

Budget Requirements

Our budget breakdown would be similar to that of a Next Step Grant. We request for a total budget of $5000 for a project under the assurance that we will be trying to create a standalone version which does not involve Meetups API. In the future, we are planning to invest this amount to try making a decentralized version of Meetups.com.

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using IPFS and meetup.com API