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This is the source for the website; feel free to suggest changes to our docs!


$ git clone
$ cd website
$ yarn && yarn bootstrap
  • Just run yarn start next time (check the package.json for scripts).

Contributing to the website

To keep documentation in sync across all of Babel's packages, the docs are now directly located in this repository. The READMEs in babel/babel are auto generated and point to this documentation.

You might want to make yourself familiar with docusaurus to make significant changes to the website. If you only want to make content changes you just need to know about versioned docs.

Versioned docs

After making your changes to the markdown files in the /docs folder, a git hook script will suggest files from the past versions folders that you might also need to apply your changes to.

Looking for support?

For questions and support on contributing please join our Slack community, channel #website or directly here.

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:globe_with_meridians: The Babel documentation website

License:MIT License


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