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A curated list of awesome things related to VuePress


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  • CodeceptJS - CodeceptJS ‐ supercharged End 2 End Testing
  • - The official guide for discord.js, created and maintained by core members of its community.
  • vue-i18n - Vue I18n is internationalization plugin for Vue.js
  • vuesax - New Framework Components for Vue.js 2
  • cr-vue - 基礎から学ぶ Vue.js サポートページ
  • vuemeetups - A place to centralize all Vue.js community efforts
  • umi - 🌋 Pluggable enterprise-level react application framework.
  • dva - 🌱 React and redux based, lightweight and elm-style framework. (Inspired by elm and choo)
  • macaca - Automation test solution for native, hybrid, mobile web and web application on mobile and desktop platforms.
  • macaca-datahub - Just enjoy the data out-of-the-box.
  • app-inspector - Mobile UI viewer in browser, view the UI in a tree view, and generate XPath automatically
  • form-wrapper-js - A lightweight library that creates forms systems in a convenient and easy way, without dependencies and magic code.
  • lin-cms-vue - A simple and practical CMS implemented by Vue
  • openhab - an open source, technology agnostic home automation platform which runs as the center of your smart home!
  • ms-design - Vue components that implement Microsoft Design Language
  • archcheatsheet - Offline dual boot/no desktop environment
  • zaobao - 每日时报,以前端技术体系为主要分享课题。根据:文章、工具、新闻、视频几大板块作为主要分类。
  • vue-cli-plugin-apollo - @vue/cli plugin for Vue Apollo
  • vue-cli-plugin-ssr - ✨ Simple SSR plugin for Vue CLI
  • vue-concise-slider - vue-concise-slider,A simple vue sliding component
  • vue-mapbox - Combine powers of Mapbox GL JS and Vue.js
  • xstate - State machines and statecharts for the modern web
  • lighthouse - Laravel GraphQL Server
  • vue-glide - Vue component on top of the Glide.js
  • chartjs-plugin-datalabels - Chart.js plugin to display labels on data elements
  • Bocadillo - 🥙 A modern Python web framework filled with asynchronous salsa
  • vue-styleguidist - Created from react styleguidist for Vue Components with a living style guide
  • vue-chartjs - ⚡ Easy and beautiful charts with Chart.js and Vue.js
  • shadow - Gradle Shadow Plugin
  • Craft CMS - Craft is a flexible, user-friendly CMS for creating custom digital experiences on the web and beyond.
  • open-wc - Open Web Component Recommendations
  • pywebview - Build GUI for your Python program with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
  • nuxt-beginners-guide - Japan's first book that corresponds to Nuxt.js v2 and focuses on deep content.
  • vue-a11y-utils - Utilities for accessibility (a11y) in Vue.js
  • statusfy - A marvelous open source Status Page system
  • autogit - Define commands, using plugins, to execute across all your repositories.
  • mpvue-weui - 基于 mpvue 的 weui 框架
  • open-autonomous-safety - Open Autonomous Safety
  • twill - Twill is an open source CMS toolkit for Laravel that helps developers rapidly create a custom admin console that is intuitive, powerful and flexible.
  • pandora - A Manageable, Measurable and Traceable Node.js Application Manager
  • css_tricks - Some CSS tricks
  • markwon - Android markdown library (no WebView)
  • vue-infinite-loading - An infinite scroll plugin for Vue.js.
  • typescript-book-chinese - TypeScript Deep Dive 中文版
  • vue-patterns - Useful Vue patterns, techniques, tips and tricks and helpful curated links.
  • v8n - ☑️ JavaScript fluent validation library
  • PicGo-Core - A tool for picture uploading. Both CLI & api supports.
  • EasyHexo - 🤘 Build your own website with Hexo, the easy way. | 轻松使用 Hexo 建站。
  • d2-daily - D2 日报。
  • SorryPress - Vuepress version of xtyxtyx/sorry
  • vue-showdown - Use showdown.js in Vue
  • vssue - 📫 A Vue-powered Issue-based Comment Plugin
  • codemirror-colorpicker - Colorpicker manual site
  • mtgjson - An open‐source project that catalogues all Magic: The Gathering cards in a portable format.
  • Leon - 🧠 Your open-source personal assistant.
  • Vuepress Theme Cool Starter
  • vuesion - The most complete boilerplate for production-ready PWAs. With focus on performance, development speed, and best practices
  • blessing-skin-plugin-docs - Blessing Skin Server 插件开发文档
  • Mevn-CLI - Light Speed setup for MEVN stack based apps.
  • teachcode - A tool to develop and improve a student’s programming skills by introducing the earliest lessons of coding.
  • Docker 绿皮书 - Help beginners get started quickly with docker, and show docker's power through a few simple small examples.
  • idea 快捷键速查文档 - Help Intellij IDEA users write code without mouse. And also supply Chinese translation of official keymap PDF(Mac/Win/Linux), it's available on webpage!
  • SiteWhere Documentation - SiteWhere is the open platform for the Internet of Things. Source.
  • Pomerium - Pomerium is the open-source identity-aware access proxy.
  • Wasabi Wallet – An archive of knowledge about the open-source, non-custodial and privacy-focused Bitcoin wallet for desktop.
  • kriry开发者网络 - kriry开发者网络 (kriry developer net).
  • GROWI Docs - Open Source Markdown x Wiki. Real-time preview on left and right screens is possible.
  • Java 全栈知识体系 - Java 全栈知识体系 (Java full stack knowledge system).
  • MeiliSearch - Open Source instant search engine
  • DBKangaroo - Database admin and management tool for popular DBMS
  • LLStack - 轻量、高性能的 (Open)LiteSpeed+PHP+MySQL 运行环境
  • SuperAgent 中文文档 - SuperAgent 中文文档
  • Remote Work Encyclopedia
  • Open Source guide to remote work
  • - A Vuepress Awesome tools list.
  • Azure中文精选 - Microsoft Azure developer content localization resources.
  • PBST Handbook - Open Source
  • PET Handbook - Open Source
  • TMS Handbook - Open Source
  • PB Website - Open Source
  • VuePress Homepage - Elegant and friendly homepage (bio, tech portfolio, resume, doc) template
  • soonspacejs - Simple and easy to learn webgl plug-in through threejs.
  • @nuxtjs/firebase Docs - Documentation for the Firebase module for Nuxt.
  • Firewings Docs - Documentation for the Firewings module for Vue.
  • The Wise Opportunist - Learn how to exploit the system to your own interest
  • BTCPay Server - BTCPay Server is an open-source, self-hosted payment processor for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
  • PHPScraper - Scraper library for PHP using VuePress for its documentation.
  • 試毅-思伟_技术笔记 – 🎉🎉🎉 VuePress记录技术开发笔记
  • MyBatis-Plus - An powerful enhanced toolkit of MyBatis for simplify development.
  • VIZ Docs - VIZ blockchain documentation.
  • vue-grid-layout - Documentation for vue-grid-layout, a grid layout system for Vue.js
  • uiv - Bootstrap 3 Components implemented by Vue 2.
  • line-bot-sdk-nodejs - LINE Messaging API SDK for nodejs

Enterprise Usage

  • Alibaba
  • Ant Financial
  • Tencent
  • BriteCore



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🎉 A curated list of awesome things related to VuePress