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SciPy2017 tutorial: Introduction to Numerical Computing with NumPy

Presented by: Dillon Niederhut, Enthought Inc.

This repository contains all the material needed by students registered for the Numpy tutorial of SciPy 2017 on Tuesday, July 11th 2017.

For a smooth experience, you will need to make sure that you install or update your Python distribution and download the tutorial material before the day of the tutorial as the Wi-Fi at the AT&T center can be flaky.

Install Python

If you don't already have a working python distribution, you may download Enthought Canopy (, Anaconda Python (, or (

Install Packages

To be able to run the examples, demoes and exercises, you must have the following packages installed:

  • numpy 1.11+
  • matplotlib 2.0+
  • ipython 5.0+ (for running, experimenting and doing exercises)

With Canopy, the required packages are already installed. If you are using Python from or your system, you can install the necessary packages with:

pip install -U numpy matplotlib ipython

If you are using Anaconda, you can install the necessary packages with:

conda install numpy matplotlib ipython

To test your installation, please execute the script.

$ python

You should see a window pop up with a plot that looks vaguely like a smiley face.

Download Tutorial Materials

This GitHub repository is all that is needed in terms of tutorial content. The simplest solution is to download the material using this link:

If you're familiar with Git, you can also clone this repository with:

$ git clone

It will create a new folder named SciPy2017_numpy_tutorial/ with all the content you will need: the slides I will go through (slides.pdf), and a folder of exercises.

Questions? Problems?

You may post messages to the slack channel for this tutorial at:



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