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Codecov coverage standard for Python

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Last Updated: 08/21/21 00:05:57

What is this?

This is a Python application, with basic unit tests, for which coverage is uploaded to Codecov on a daily basis. It can also serve as an example for how to integrate Codecov into your Python project. If the build is passing for this project, then Codecov's Python report processing is functional and correct on


This project is written in Python 3.9. Unit tests are written with the pytest framework and coverage reports are generated using the pytest-cov plugin.

Unit tests: /

Inside .github/workflows/python-standard.yml file:

  - pip install codecov
  - pip install pytest-cov
  - pytest --cov=./ --cov-report=xml
  - codecov


Run unit tests inside a Docker container

docker-compose up

Generate coverage reports via pytest

pytest --cov=./ --cov-report=xml

Uploading reports to Codecov

bash <(curl


pip install codecov

Reporting Issues

If you've discovered an issue with this repository or with Python processing in general, it is recommended to email rather than post an issue here. This repository will not be checked regularly for open issues.


Contributions are welcome! If you'd like to contribute to this repository, feel free to open a pull request or flag an issue. If you would like to contribute a new lanaguage standard, you can get more information here.


FOSSA Status


Codecov coverage standard for Python


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