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A repository of DFIR-related Mind Maps geared towards the visual learners!

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This is a repository to centralize DFIR-related Mind Maps created with any Mind Mapping suites. The main point of this repo is to not only provide the Mind Maps for various DFIR Tools & Artifacts, but provide the source of the Mind Maps so others can use, improve, or modify how they see fit for whatever purpose suits their needs (educational, studying for a certification, etc).

Contributing DFIR Mind Maps

If you contribute to this repo, please provide the source file for others to import into their tool of choice so they can modify, improve, or repurpose your Mind Map as they see fit! With any Pull Request, please provide the following:

  1. Export of Mind Map in a format that others can ingest into other Mind Map tools (i.e., .xmind)
  2. Export of Mind Map to an image format (.PNG, for instance) for the purpose of the file within the folder your Mind Map will reside in
  3. Export of Mind Map in PDF as this will preserve any clickable links incorporated into your Mind Map
  4. Any other deliverables that your Mind Map tool offers that you feel would be useful to the DFIR community, i.e., Markdown export, etc

Making Mind Maps

I personally use XMind as I like how it has a Desktop application rather then being fully web-based like MindMeister, which is a good tool in its own right. Most Mind Map tools are not free, but there are free alternatives out there that may not have as many features as paid options. Regardless, most tools average about $5 USD per month so it's not very expensive overall.

Here are some ideas for Mind Map tools for you to check out!


I'm studying for the GCIH right now, so I need motivation to create visual learning aids for myself. If I create them, they will end up here in PDF, PNG, and .xmind format.

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A repository of DFIR-related Mind Maps geared towards the visual learners!

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