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FormData from node-fetch made available as a global

javascriptjedi opened this issue · comments


zx doesn't seem to have a way to use FormData with a fetch request. node-fetch provides a polyfill already. Would it be possible to also make FormData a global?

Actual Behavior

Can't use FormData easily in zx CI scripts.

Please, share an example.

I'm working in GitLab and their api supports multipart/form-data requests.

Two quick usage examples of this content type in a request from their docs:

From node-fetch docs:

node-fetch comes with a spec-compliant FormData implementations for posting multipart/form-data payloads

import fetch, { FormData, File, fileFrom } from 'node-fetch'

const httpbin = ''
const formData = new FormData()
const binary = new Uint8Array([ 97, 98, 99 ])
const abc = new File([binary], 'abc.txt'), { type: 'text/plain' })

formData.set('greeting', 'Hello, world!')
formData.set('file-upload', abc, 'new name.txt')

const response = await fetch(httpbin, { method: 'POST', body: formData })
const data = await response.json()

All I was saying is if zx is already using node-fetch under the hood, could node-fetch's FormData also be made available for this and other potential use cases of zx in CI/CD environments.

You can use

import { FormData, File, fileFrom } from 'node-fetch'

Sounds good and sounds like it is just a problem with the Docker image configuration we have that brings in zx then. I tried that already and node-fetch wasn't available in my script, it couldn't be found. I'll try to fix the pathing/resolution. Thanks for the response.

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