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Feature request: replicate Node's -e/--eval flag

nicholaides opened this issue · comments

The node executable has the -e/--eval flag, which takes an argument from the command line and executes it as code. If zx had this, it would make it easier to use zx in other non-zx scripts, because currently, it's quite difficult to write an an inline zx script that takes data from stdin.


E.g. I would love to be able to do something like this inside a bash (or otherwise) script:

curl | base64 -d | zx -e "
    // some zx code that uses data from stdin

Currently, this doesn't work because zx treats data coming in from stdin as code.

Current alternatives

Currently, the other options for quickly adding a stdin-reading zx script to a shell script:

Put zx script in another file and call it from the shell script

e.g. put zx code in process-the-data.js and do this:

curl | base64 -d | zx process-the-data.js

With this approach, my script is less self-contained. I can't as easily share my script it with my team by passing a file, dropping it in a gist, or pasting it into Slack.

Write data or code to a tempfile and pass the path of the tempfile to the zx script

This works, but seems like it shouldn't be necessary because pipes exist.

Utilize bash fd/coproc features, or mess with file descriptors

E.g., instead of piping data to zx's standard in, you can do this in bash (but not in sh):

zx - <(curl <<CODE
  const fdPath = process.argv[process.argv.length - 1]
  const data = fs.readFileSync(fdPath).toString()
  // do something with this data

In this example, rather than pass data to our zx script via stdin, we redirect it to a file descriptor and pass the path to our zx script as an argument.

This seems more complicated than it should be and is not even supported in some shells.

Non-alternative: bash redirect to a file descriptor path

I thought maybe we can redirect cat HEREDOC code to a file descriptor path and pass that into zx, but that doesn't, because zx appends .mjs to the file descriptor path (/dev/fd/63 in my case) and then complains that the file doesn't exist.

curl http://some-data | zx <(cat <<CODE

Other shells/script interpreters

How other shells and interpreters accept code from command line arguments:

shell flag
Node -e/--eval
ts-node -e/--eval
Ruby -e
Perl -e
Deno eval (e.g. deno eval 'console.log(42)')
Bash -c
Zsh -c
Dash -c

Really nice idea. Let’s add -e&—eval.

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