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msys2-gcc compile error

alaindargelas opened this issue · comments

Hi all,
this is a brand new error, probably introduced in the last few days.

/d/a/Surelog/Surelog/third_party/flatbuffers/src/annotated_binary_text_gen.cpp: In function ‘std::string flatbuffers::{anonymous}::ToValueString(const flatbuffers::BinaryRegion&, const uint8_t*, const flatbuffers::{anonymous}::OutputConfig&)’:
/d/a/Surelog/Surelog/third_party/flatbuffers/src/annotated_binary_text_gen.cpp:88:27: error: ‘toascii’ was not declared in this scope
88 | s += isprint(c) ? toascii(c) : '.';
| ^~~~~~~

Thanks, I added this recently. Let me see why its failing for your build.

@alaindargelas Can you try with the latest?

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