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VerifyField usage does not compile since 2.0.6.

Megamouse opened this issue · comments

Updating flatbuffers from 2.0.5 to 2.0.6 breaks compilation, since VerifyField now takes 3 arguments instead of 2.

Seems weird that you'd create breaking changes like this in a patch version :(
Is there a simple way to fix this, like adding a default parameter that is compatible with the old implementation?

There is complexity on how do properly version things, since we have 12+ languages we have to coordinate. It is a known issue.

Just regenerate the code-gen files with the new version (2.0.6).

Makes sense 🤣
My bad.
I'll close the issue, although I still think it shouldn't break existing code.

Its understandable to have it not break, but we aren't at the point where our version numbers are truly semantic.

In brief, if we bump up the version for C++ to say 3.0 due to this breaking change, we would have to release versions 3.0 for all the supported languages, even though there is no breaking change in those languages.

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