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Pi-Hosted Portainer Template V2

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This repository is a collection of tutorials for hosting a variety of server applications using Docker and Portainer.

App Template for Portainer

alt text

Apps List

See the list of apps included in this template here.


Run, to install docker, and add the current user to the docker usergroup.

wget -qO- | bash
# need to reboot/logout for changes to take effect

Pi OS Buster

On Oct 30, 2021 Pi OS bullseye was released and this is no longer needed. Older Pi OS buster releases run an old version of libseccomp that is causing problems with many containers that are preventing them from running. To fix this we need to manually install a newer version of libseccomp. However we first need to check and see if you are running an older version. To check please run sudo dpkg-query -W libseccomp.

sudo dpkg-query -W libseccomp2

If you are running a version less that 2.5 you will need to run the *upgrade script.

wget -qO- | bash
  • The upgrade script is for Pi OS 32bit. Pi OS 64 beta is untested and the upgrade script wont work with it.

Reboot for changes to take effect

sudo reboot

After a reboot, run, to install

wget -qO- | bash
# to update portainer, run this command
wget -qO- | bash

Click Settings, in the bottom-left corner, and paste the Portainer v2 json file link from below into the "App Templates" box.

You're done! Now just click App Templates and deploy applications!


Application Supported OS's URL
Portainer v2 Arm32 Pi OS
Portainer v2 Arm64 Ubuntu 64, DietPI 64
  • Limited testing Operating Systems: Pi OS 64 Beta, DietPI 32 bit

Pi-Hosted YouTube series

Pi-Hosted Playlist

Episode Additional Information
1 Raspberry Pi 4 Server Setup, Docker Install, Portainer Install, Shell In A Box
2 Installing and Configuring Homer Dashboard
3 Manually Installing Guacamole on Portainer
4 Installing JDownloader and File Browser On The Pi Docker Server
5 Torrent with Docker and OPENVPN with Transmission and PIA
Extra1 App Template for Raspberry Pi arm/arm64 I Need Your Help!
6 Upgrading Portainer and Updating Containers
7 Raspberry Pi Docker Monitoring Install Doc
8 Installing Nextcloud on Raspberry Pi Docker
9 Installing Nginx Proxy Manager on Docker Install Doc
10 Setting up Raspberry Pi Samba Server For File Sharing on Docker
11 How to Install Whoogle to replace using Google and repo notes
12 Checking out Windows 2000 Docker
Extra2 3 Huge Announcements!! Discord Giveaway! Pi-Hosted!! & SBC Garage Sale!
13 Beginners Guide to WireGuard Docker and Installing Pi-OS 64bit

Aditional Documentation

You can find more tutorials and useful information in our GitHub Docs folder.

Included Scripts

Install, Update, Pre-Install and extra scripts can be found in our GitHub Tools folder.


See the list of contributors who participated in this project.


  • template based on SelfHosted Portainer App Template
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Raspberry Pi Self Hosted Server Based on Docker /


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