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Fast and easy installation of Docker on OS X

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Docker on OS X in three steps:

  1. Install VirtualBox and Vagrant.

  2. Put the docker script somewhere on your path:

     curl > /usr/local/bin/docker
     chmod +x /usr/local/bin/docker
  3. Run:

     docker version

This script acts as both an installer and a Docker binary. On first run, it installs an OS X binary of the Docker client and starts a virtual machine with the Docker daemon running. It then passes through all invocations of docker to the client which controls the daemon running on the virtual machine.

Additional commands

Two extra commands have been added to docker as shortcuts for controlling the Vagrant VM:

docker halt

Stop the Vagrant VM. You'll probably want to do this after you've finished working with Docker project to save RAM.

docker ssh

Open a console on the Vagrant virtual machine.



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Fast and easy installation of Docker on OS X