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A repository to host extended examples and tutorials

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A repository to share extended Kubeflow examples and tutorials to demonstrate machine learning concepts, data science workflows, and Kubeflow deployments. They illustrate the happy path, acting as a starting point for new users and a reference guide for experienced users.

This repository is home to three types of examples:

  1. End-to-end
  2. Component-focused
  3. Application-specific


GitHub issue summarization

Author: Hamel Husain

This example covers the following concepts:

  1. Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Keras and Tensorflow
  2. Connecting to Jupyterhub
  3. Shared persistent storage
  4. Training a Tensorflow model
  5. CPU
  6. GPU
  7. Serving with Seldon Core
  8. Flask front-end


Author: Elson Rodriguez

This example covers the following concepts:

  1. Image recognition of handwritten digits
  2. S3 storage
  3. Training automation with Argo
  4. Monitoring with Argo UI and Tensorboard
  5. Serving with Tensorflow

Distributed Object Detection

Author: Daniel Castellanos

This example covers the following concepts:

  1. Gathering and preparing the data for model training using K8s jobs
  2. Using Kubeflow tf-job and tf-operator to launch a distributed object training job
  3. Serving the model through Kubeflow's tf-serving


XGBoost - Ames housing price prediction

Author: Puneith Kaul

This example covers the following concepts:

  1. Training an XGBoost model
  2. Shared persistent storage
  3. GCS and GKE
  4. Serving with Seldon Core


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A repository to host extended examples and tutorials

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