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Scalable fuzzing infrastructure.

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ClusterFuzz is a scalable fuzzing infrastructure which finds security and stability issues in software.

It is used by Google for fuzzing the Chrome Browser, and serves as the fuzzing backend for OSS-Fuzz.

ClusterFuzz provides many features which help seamlessly integrate fuzzing into a software project's development process:

  • Highly scalable. Google's internal instance runs on over 25,000 machines.
  • Accurate deduplication of crashes.
  • Fully automatic bug filing and closing for issue trackers (Monorail only for now).
  • Testcase minimization.
  • Regression finding through bisection.
  • Statistics for analyzing fuzzer performance, and crash rates.
  • Easy to use web interface for management and viewing crashes.
  • Support for coverage guided fuzzing (e.g. libFuzzer and AFL) and blackbox fuzzing.



You can find detailed documentation here.


As of January 2019, ClusterFuzz has found ~16,000 bugs in Chrome and ~11,000 bugs in over 160 open source projects integrated with OSS-Fuzz.

Getting Help

You can file an issue to ask questions, request features, or ask for help.

Staying Up to Date

We will use clusterfuzz-announce(#) to make announcements about ClusterFuzz.


Scalable fuzzing infrastructure.

License:Apache License 2.0


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