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Apply CSS stylesheets to Simulink models.

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Apply CSS stylesheets to Simulink models.

With SimCSS, you can easily customize Simulink blocks through a simple CSS file.

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What styles can be applied?

Any property of a Simulink block can be set with SimCSS. Everywhere you would normally use set_param(handle,'myproperty',myvalue), you could use the SimCSS equivalent {myproperty: myvalue}.

SimCSS selectors

Selector Example Description
* Apply style to all blocks
.class .line (or .annotation) Apply style to lines (or annotations)
#id #TEST Apply style to blocks named "TEST"
element Constant Apply style to Constant blocks
element1 element2 Subsystem Outport Apply style to outports inside subsystems
[Prop=Value] [Tag=test] Apply to blocks with a Tag equal to "test"

Quick guide

Quick example to get started.

1. Create a "styles.css" file with your styles

* {FontSize: 20}                   /* I like big fonts all over the place */
.line, .annotation {FontSize: 20}  /* Applies to lines and annotations */

#TEST {ForegroundColor: 1 0 0}     /* Applies to blocks called "TEST" */

[name|=mass] {Orientation: "left"} /* Applies to "Mass", "Mass2", ... */

Subsystem Outport {BackgroundColor: "magenta";}         /* Applies to outports inside subsystems */

:commented {BackgroundColor: 0.3 0.3 0.3}               /* Applies to commented blocks */

Constant {width: 70; Height: 40}                        /* Change Constant blocks size */

From, Goto {BackgroundColor: "yellow"; ShowName: "off"} /* Applies to Goto and From blocks */
[GotoTag=A] {Commented: "on"}                           /* Comments Goto and From blocks with "GotoTag" = "A" */

2. Apply styles to current Simulink model


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Apply CSS stylesheets to Simulink models.

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