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Event calendar for UWP

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CalendarControl: Event calendar for UWP


Calendar custom control for UWP platform. Supports week view and events.


$ Install-Package Gave.Libs.CalendarControl

Key features

  • Easy to use (one XAML line for calendar and built-in event management)
  • Responsive (the number of days shown is adjusted when resizing the window)
  • Extensible (you can modify look and functionality)

Quick guide

1. Basic usage

    <calendar:Calendar Padding="16,0,16,16"
                       CanvasMaxHeight="600" />

The calendar default behaviour is to stretch to fill the available space both horizontally and vertically. The height can be limited using the CanvasMaxHeight property. If you set the CanvasMinHeight the control will use scrollbars when the available space is less than the value.

2. Custom look

The control exposes a number of properties, e.g. HeaderTemplate and DayHeaderTemplate, to customize the calendar appearance. You can find the default styles here. Also look here for the x:Keys to override calendar colors and more.

3. Custom behaviour

<calendar:Calendar IsHourSelectionEnabled="True"
                   ViewModel="{x:Bind CalendarModel}" />

You can set the Calendar's ViewModel property to change the behaviour of the control. The ViewModel property must implement CalendarControl.Interfaces.ICalendarViewModel. You can also inherit from the default implementation CalendarControl.ViewModels.CalendarViewModel.

Change header buttons behaviour

The control has embedded buttons for changing days and creating/deleting an event. By default you can click and drag to select a range of hours in a day and use the header buttons to add an event. You can override this behaviour, e.g. you can show a dialog to allow the user to specify the Event name.

using CalendarControl.ViewModels;
using CalendarControl.Models;
using CalendarControl.Mvvm;

public class CustomCalendarModel : CalendarViewModel
        public CustomCalendarModel() : base()


        // Override the AddEventCommand command, show a dialog to create an event
        // Called when the user clicks the "plus" button on the calendar header
        private DelegateCommand _addEventCommand;
        public override DelegateCommand AddEventCommand => _addEventCommand ?? (_addEventCommand = new DelegateCommand(AddEvent));

        private async void AddEvent()
            // Find the range of selected hours
            var day = Days.FirstOrDefault(d => d.Hours.Any(h => h.IsSelected));
            if (day == null) return;
            var begin = day.Hours.First(h => h.IsSelected);
            var end = day.Hours.Last(h => h.IsSelected);

            // Custom ContentDialog with a textbox for setting the event name
            DialogEvent dialog = new DialogEvent()
                Event = new Event(begin.Time, end.Time.AddHours(1), "")
            ContentDialogResult result = await dialog.ShowAsync();
            if (result == ContentDialogResult.Primary)
                // Add event to the calendar               
                await EventManager?.AddEventAsync(dialog.Event);
                // Deselect the time range
                ((List<Hour>)day.Hours).ForEach(h => h.IsSelected = false);
Customize the event management

By default the events are saved in the "Events.txt" file in the LocalFolder as a JSON string. You can provide a custom implementation of the CalendarControl.Interfaces.IEventManager interface and pass it to the CalendarViewModel constructor.

public class CustomCalendarModel : CalendarViewModel
        // CustomEventManager that implements the IEventManager interface
        public CustomCalendarModel() : base(eventManager: new CustomEventManager())


You can look here for the default implementation of the IEventManager interface.

public interface IEventManager
        Task AddEventAsync(Event ev);
        Task RemoveEventAsync(Event ev);
        Task RemoveEventsAsync(Func<Event, bool> predicate);
        // Returns a DailyEventManager containing the event list for "date"
        DailyEventManager ForDay(DateTimeOffset date);

Supported SDKs

  • Creators Update (15063)
  • ...
  • May 2020 Update (19041)


© Copyright 2017 - 2021 by Marco Gavelli

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Event calendar for UWP

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