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Clone of the EASTL library taken from

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This repo is obsolete!

Please visit instead.


Why is this repo here?

A few years ago, EA released the source code to their EASTL library in the form of a zip download. Since people really like Github, I took that source, reorganized it a little, and pushed it onto Github, where it received lots of love and stars.

But now it's obsolete?

Well, as of Feburary 2016, EASTL created their own repo located at . That repo is more up-to-date than what we have here, and it's officially maintained. This repo is no longer maintained.

What about the community contributions on this repo?

We did receive some decent contributions in this repo, however this repo is lacking any sort of leader / maintainer to review those contributions. (I asked around at one point and there weren't any takers!). I encourage all contributers to submit their work towards the electronicarts/EASTL repo instead, or create a new fork based off of electronicarts/EASTL.

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Clone of the EASTL library taken from


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