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A reference implementation of a native Backbone.View

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A drop-in replacement for Backbone.View that uses only native DOM methods for element selection and event delegation. It has no dependency on jQuery.

To Use:

Load Backbone.NativeView with your favorite module loader or add as a script tag after you have loaded Backbone in the page. Wherever you had previously inherited from Backbone.View, you will now inherit from Backbone.NativeView.

var MyView = Backbone.NativeView.extend({
  initialize: function(options) {
    // ...

As an alternative, you may extend an existing View's prototype to use native methods, or even Backbone.View itself:

var Backbone.View = Backbone.View.extend(Backbone.NativeViewMixin);

var MyView = Backbone.View.extend({
  initialize: function(options) {
    // ...



var view = new MyView({el: '#my-element'});
view.delegate('click', view.clickHandler);

Undelegation with event names or listeners,

view.undelegate('click', view.clickHandler);

View-scoped element finding:

// for one matched element

// for multiple matched elements
_.each(view.$('.item'), function(el) {
var fields = _.invoke(view.$('.field'), 'innerHTML');


NativeView makes use of querySelector/querySelectorAll. For IE7 and below you must include a polyfill.


  • The $el property no longer exists on Views. Use el instead.
  • The $ method returns a NodeList instead of a jQuery context. You can iterate over either using _.each.

With many thanks to @wyuenho for his initial code.


A reference implementation of a native Backbone.View

License:MIT License