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Open source Role Playing Game engine for Unity 3D written in C#.

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This project contains the code for the AnyRPG Engine.

AnyRPG is a Role Playing Game engine written in C# for Unity.

It is a 100% free and open source project with the goal of enabling content creators to rapidly create unique and engaging short stories, scenarios, adventures, and even full games.

It accomplishes this by providing a platform with the most common Role Playing Game functionality out of the box so that content creators only need to provide visual assets and story content.


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Download Unity Packages and Example Games

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Unity Package

A Unity package that includes this repository (and a complex sample game) is available for download at

Github Installation

  1. Install the correct Unity version to open this project. The current project Unity version is 2019.4.21f1
  2. Clone this repository into a directory on your computer
  3. Open the Unity Hub and add the project
  4. Open the project and install the following Unity packages:
  5. Open the Window menu in Unity and choose 'TextMeshPro' > 'Import TMP Essential Resources'
  6. Open the UMA menu in Unity and choose Global Library. In the Global Library window, choose File > Rebuild From Project
  7. Open the scene "CoreGame" and press play in the editor
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Open source Role Playing Game engine for Unity 3D written in C#.

License:MIT License


Language:C# 100.0%Language:ShaderLab 0.0%