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A lightweight CBZ/CBR and image viewer with full continuous scrolling

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[HTML] Mangareader

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Mangareader is a simple image viewer designed for reading digital comic books. It displays images in a folder or ZIP/CBZ/RAR/CBR archive as a single, continuously scrollable page in your default browser.

This project was made out of frustration with the overall clunkiness I experienced with other comic book readers I tried on the Windows platform. If you need features like bookmarks, history, library management, cloud sync, etc. this is not the comic reader for you. This app is focused only on providing a simple and fluid viewing experience.

Smooth scroll version on Windows 10


  • View your images in a continuously scrollable page.
  • Use all the familiar navigation controls available on your browser/device setup.
  • Responsive and touch-friendly pagination controls also available for a more traditional viewing experience.
  • Open images directly from a folder or contained in a comic book archive file.
    • Supported archive formats: cbz, cbr, cb7, zip, rar, 7z
    • Supported image formats: bmp, png, jpg, gif, apng, svg, webp
  • Light and dark themes.

Planned features

  • MacOS binary.
  • UI improvements to View Options.
  • Horizontal and LTR viewing mode.
  • Double page viewing mode.

Install (Windows)

Windows binaries are located under Releases.

Download and extract your desired version, and the application is ready to use. No installation is required.

Usage (Windows)

The app can be started in several different ways:

  • Run mangareader.exe and open an image file or ZIP/CBZ/RAR/CBR.
  • Right click an image file or archive, and "Open with..." the Mangareader executable.
  • Drag an image file, image folder, or archive onto Mangareader executable or a shortcut.

For developers


  • Python 3.5+
  • PyInstaller: pip install pyinstaller (only required for building)
  • Rarfile: pip install rarfile or pip install -r requirements.txt
  • py7zr: pip install py7zr or pip install -r requirements.txt

Running without building (Windows/MacOS)

The application can be started directly through Python without building. Examples:

Start reader with open file prompt


Directly open an image, folder, or archive

python "path/to/open"

Building on Windows

Building the executable is done using PyInstaller.

Run build-win.cmd. The executable will be created in dist\mangareader.

PyInstaller options can be configured in the script. See the documentation for details.

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A lightweight CBZ/CBR and image viewer with full continuous scrolling

License:MIT License


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