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Guidance on starting a new project(my first)

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So, currently I am just familiar with basic languages Java, Python and C++ but rather than just keeping on reading more and more basic problems and practice, I decided to work on my skills through projects and came across your repo. Very helpful, have to say. What my query is, I do not know how to go ahead now as I do not know any front end tech. I would like to work on it but if anyone could guide a bit on how to proceed would be very nice of you. I want to do these projects but my main aim is back end rather than full stack. Might sound like a neophyte but well, that is my query. Can you recommend what & how tech stack(language + framework) should I start leaning now to do these projects like JS, React, Angular, etc.


If you like backend stuff other than frontend you can make nice projects with backend, like creating a nice api service and you can monetize.
If you want to go into frontend then I would suggest you learning Javascript or Typescript, I would suggest learning Typescript and you could learn any frontend framework from the following React or Vue, Then you can go on creating projects. You will start learning more when you start creating projects.
Just find what fits you the most backend, frontend or fullstack.


Thanks @rishikesh2003 I have decided to go with Full Stack now viz. HTML, CSS, JS, Python, APIs, Django and stuff around that.

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