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IPFS Consortium proxy

This IPFS consortium tool allows you to jointly host IPFS data in a with a group of other IPFS users ( called a consortium ).

The Proxy script watches a consortium smart-contract and pins/unpins IPFS data on your local IPFS server according to the Events that flow through the contract, and other contracts that can be added by members of the same consortium.


npm install ipfsconsortiumproxy


Option 1 : Environment variables

You can set a number of environment variables to configure the script:


Option 2 : .ENV file

Check / modify the settings in the enclosed .env-dist file

By default the IPFS API is assumed to be on localhost port 5001 using the HTTP protocol The Ethereum node connects through a websocket on localhost port 8546

Option 3 : command line parameters

ipfsconsortiumproxy \
 --ipfsapihost localhost \
 --ipfsapiport 5001 \
 --web3hostws "ws://localhost:8546" \
 --contractaddress '0xf5758D7450a6E7076d99db583f037B47b5135744' \
 --startblock 5450081 \

Type ipfsconsortiumproxy -h for more info about the available parameters.


just type ipfsconsortiumproxy to start it up.

How does a consortium work ?

A consortium is managed by a smart contract. A few example consortium contracts are deployed here

  • Livenet 0xf5758D7450a6E7076d99db583f037B47b5135744 ( startblock 5450081 )
  • Rinkeby 0x3ef882ffcE8fC40f6Ca473f29AC16dE8a60419BB ( startblock 1846107 )

The IPFS Solidity code can be found here :

How can I create my own consortium ?

  • Go to the IPFSConsortium chat on Riot ( see below ) and ask for help
  • OR: Deploy your own version of the contract, and start your own consortium
  • OR: Join an existing consortium - talk to people in our Riot channel

How can I help support the IPFS consortium ?

Running an IPFS node

Setup a local IPFS node + Ethereum node , install the script and start listening to one or more IPFS consortium contracts

Contributing to the development

We use ZenHub as a project management tool for this project.

If you don't want to install this plugin , just check the issues on the project

Get in touch

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npm module + daemon scripts


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