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Node.js version manager lovingly made for Fish.

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Node.js version manager lovingly made for Fish.

Not that POSIX-compatible script. Designed from the ground up for Fish, this tool helps you manage multiple active versions of Node on a single local environment. Quickly install and switch between runtimes without cluttering your home directory or breaking system-wide scripts.

  • 100% pure Fish—quick & easy to contribute to or change
  • Tab-completable seamless shell integration
  • .node-version and .nvmrc support
  • XDG Base Directory compliant
  • No setup—it just works!


Install with Fisher:

fisher install jorgebucaran/


Install the latest Node release and activate it.

nvm install latest

Install the latest LTS (long-term support) Node release.

nvm install lts

Install an older LTS release by codename.

Installs 8.16.2, the latest release of the Carbon LTS line.

nvm install carbon

Or install a specific version of Node.

Supports full or partial version numbers, starting with an optional "v".

nvm install v15.3.0

Activate a version you've already installed.

nvm use v14

List which versions you have installed (includes your system-installed Node if there is one).

$ nvm list
    v8.17.0 lts/carbon
 ▶ v14.15.1 lts/fermium
    v18.4.0 latest

Or list all the Node versions that can be installed.

nvm list-remote

Want to uninstall a version?

nvm uninstall v15.3.0


An .nvmrc file makes it easy to lock a specific version of Node for different projects. Just create an .nvmrc (or .node-version) file containing a version number or alias, e.g., latest, lts, carbon, in the root of your project.

node --version >.nvmrc

Then run nvm install to install or nvm use to activate that version. Works from anywhere inside your project by traversing the directory hierarchy until an .nvmrc is found.

nvm install


Use a mirror of the Node binaries. Default:


The nvm install command activates the specified Node version only in the current environment. If you want to set the default version for new shells use:

set --universal nvm_default_version v18.4.0


If you have a list of default packages you want installed every time you install a new Node version use:

set --universal nvm_default_packages yarn np

Acknowledgments started out in 2016 by @jorgebucaran as Fish's premier choice to Node.js version management. All credit to @creationx and @ljharb for creating the one true that served as the inspiration for this project. If you are looking for a way to use the original nvm right from Fish, check out @FabioAntunes/fish-nvm or @derekstavis/plugin-nvm. Thank you to all our contributors! <3




Node.js version manager lovingly made for Fish.

License:MIT License


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