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Counter-Strike : Global Offensive Server Launcher

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Counter-Strike : Global Offensive Server Launcher

A simple script to create and launch your Counter-Strike : Global Offensive Dedicated Server. Tested on Debian and Ubuntu.


Of course a Steam account is required to create a Counter-Strike : Global Offensive dedicated server.

Required commands :


Execute the following commands to download the script :

$ cd /etc/init.d/
$ wget -O csgo-server-launcher --no-check-certificate
$ chmod +x csgo-server-launcher
$ update-rc.d csgo-server-launcher defaults
$ mkdir /etc/csgo-server-launcher/
$ wget -O /etc/csgo-server-launcher/csgo-server-launcher.conf --no-check-certificate

Before running the script, you must change some vars in the config file /etc/csgo-server-launcher/csgo-server-launcher.conf.

  • SCREEN_NAME - The screen name, you can put what you want but it must be unique and must contain only alphanumeric character.
  • USER - Name of the user who started the server.
  • IP - Your WAN IP address.
  • PORT - The port that your server should listen on.

  • DIR_STEAMCMD - Path to steamcmd.
  • STEAM_LOGIN - Your steam account username.
  • STEAM_PASSWORD - Your steam account password.
  • STEAM_RUNSCRIPT - Name of the script that steamcmd should execute for autoupdate. This file is created on the fly, you don't normally need to change this variable.

  • DIR_ROOT - Root directory for the server.
  • DIR_GAME - Path to the game.
  • DIR_LOGS - Directory of game's logs.
  • DAEMON_GAME - You don't normally need to change this variable.

  • UPDATE_LOG - The update log file name.
  • UPDATE_EMAIL - Mail address where the update's logs are sent. Leave empty to disable sending mail.
  • UPDATE_RETRY - Number of retries in case of failure of the update.

  • API_AUTHORIZATION_KEY - To download maps from the workshop, your server needs access to the steam web api. Leave empty if the webapi_authkey.txt file exists. Otherwise, to allow this you'll need an authorization key which you can generate :
  • WORKSHOP_COLLECTION_ID - A collection id from the Maps Workshop. The API_AUTHORIZATION_KEY is required. More info :
  • WORKSHOP_START_MAP - A map id in the selected collection (WORKSHOP_COLLECTION_ID). The API_AUTHORIZATION_KEY is required.

  • MAXPLAYERS - Maximum players that can connect.
  • TICKRATE - The tickrate that your server will operate at.
  • EXTRAPARAMS - Custom command line parameters

  • PARAM_START - Launch settings server.
  • PARAM_UPDATE - Update settings server.

If you change the location of the config file, do not forget to change the path in the csgo-server-launcher script file for the CONFIG_FILE var (default /etc/csgo-server-launcher/csgo-server-launcher.conf).


For the console mod, press CTRL+A then D to stop the screen without stopping the server.

  • start - Start the server with the PARAM_START var in a screen.
  • stop - Stop the server and close the screen loaded.
  • status - Display the status of the server (screen down or up)
  • restart - Restart the server (stop && start)
  • console - Display the server console where you can enter commands.
  • update - Update the server based on the PARAM_UPDATE then save the log file in LOG_DIR and send an e-mail to LOG_EMAIL if the var is filled.
  • create - Create a server (script must be configured first).

Example : service csgo-server-launcher start

Automatic update with cron

You can automatically update your game server by calling the script in a crontab. Just add this line in your crontab and change the folder if necessary.

0 4 * * * cd /etc/init.d/csgo-server-launcher update >/dev/null 2>&1

This will update your server every day at 4 am.


LGPL. See LICENSE for more details.

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Counter-Strike : Global Offensive Server Launcher

License:GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0


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