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Web application that allows for practice between two teams in CSGO

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A project that allows for multi-user rooms with chat, authentication via Steam API, and server setup to host a scrim between two opposing teams in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This is still a work in progress and large portions of the code can and will be changed. I'm using this as a learning experience for the NodeJS environment.

The goal is to allow for captain selection of both respective teams, pick/ban phase for maps and available servers, followed by automated server setup with selected config files.


Clone the project:

git clone

Use npm to install necessary node modules.

Pick up an existing issue in the issue tracker, or submit an issue. After making changes, submit a pull request and I will review it when I have some time. This is just something I'm doing for fun and to better learn NodeJS.


Create a config.js file in the root of the project with contents similar to:

var config = {}

/*Steam and Express configuration*/
config.steamAPIKey = '';
config.sessionSecret = '';

/*RCON Information*/
config.rconPassword = '';

/*Digital Ocean Configuration*/
config.digitalOceanAPIKey = '';
config.digitalOceanPerPage = RESULTS_PER_PAGE;
config.snapshotID = 0;

/*Droplet Configuration*/
config.dropletConfig = {}, = "";
config.dropletConfig.region = "";
config.dropletConfig.size = "";
config.dropletConfig.image = config.snapshotID;
config.dropletConfig.ssh_keys = [];
config.dropletConfig.backups = false;
config.dropletConfig.ipv6 = true;
config.dropletConfig.user_data = null;
config.dropletConfig.private_networking = null;

config.sshTimeout = 60000;

module.exports = config;

Where the steamAPIKey and sessionSecret are provided by yourself. Afterwards, start the project up and see it run!

npm start



MIT License

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Web application that allows for practice between two teams in CSGO

License:MIT License


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