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An Excel add-in for importing and exporting CSV files

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CSV Import+Export

CSV Import+Export is an Excel add-in which adds the ability to import and export CSV files.

Import CSV taskpane in Excel

Export CSV taskpane in Excel

Dev build

  1. Open a blank worksheet on Excel Online. Go to Insert | Office Add-ins. On the top right hand corner under Manage My Add-ins, click Upload my Add-In. Upload manifests/dev.manifest.xml.

  2. Run the following commands to start webpack-dev-server.

npm i
npm run devServer
  1. Go to https://localhost:3000/ and accept the self-signed certificate if the untrusted certificate warning appears.

  2. Go back to Excel and open CSV Import+Export.

  • Having both the published version and your dev version of CSV Import+Export installed can get confusing. I recommend removing the published version so you know which one you are working on.

  • Microsoft's detailed sideloading tutorials

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An Excel add-in for importing and exporting CSV files


License:MIT License


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