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Get-UsnJrnlInfo - Get UsnJrnl Information from extracted $Max file

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Get-UsnJrnlInfo ($Max)

Get-UsnJrnlInfo.ps1 is a simple PowerShell script utilized to parse $UsnJrnl information from extracted $Max file.


The NTFS Change Journal (aka USN Journal) is stored in the hidden system file $Extend\$UsnJrnl. The $UsnJrnl file contains two alternate data streams (ADS). The $Max and the $J. $J contains records of filesystem operations and the $Max data stream contains metadata about the USN Journal configuration.

File Location:

fsutil Fig 1: You can use fsutil to query the $UsnJrnl information for a specific NTFS volume on a live system.


  1. Mount your forensic image (or VHDX Container) and manually extract the $Max file.

Fig 2: Extracting $Max file w/ FTK-Imager

  1. Run Windows PowerShell console as Administrator.

Fig 3: Changing File Attributes (if needed) and running Get-UsnJrnlInfo.ps1

# Check File Attributes of the $Max File
PS > $File = Get-ChildItem "C:\Users\evild3ad\Desktop\`$Max" -Force
PS > $File.Attributes
Hidden, System
# Change File Attributes of the $Max File (Unhide the $Max File)
PS > $File.Attributes="Archive","ReadOnly"
PS > $File.Attributes
ReadOnly, Archive
# Running Get-UsnJrnlInfo.ps1 against manual extracted $Max file (e.g. FTK-Imager)
PS > .\Get-UsnJrnlInfo.ps1 -PathToMaxFile "C:\Users\evild3ad\Desktop\`$Max"
# Running Get-UsnJrnlInfo.ps1 against mounted VHDX-Container (e.g. KAPE)
PS > .\Get-UsnJrnlInfo.ps1 -PathToMaxFile "G:\C\$Extend\`$Max"
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Get-UsnJrnlInfo - Get UsnJrnl Information from extracted $Max file


License:GNU General Public License v3.0


Language:PowerShell 100.0%