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A list of all "all you need" papers. Updated daily using the arXiv API.

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Awesome "all you need" papers

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This repository is a list of all "all you need" papers. The list is updated daily using the arXiv API.

Paper List

Title Authors Date
All you need is a good init Dmytro Mishkin et al. 2015-11-19
All You Need is Beyond a Good Init: Exploring Better Solution for Training Extremely Deep Convolutional Neural Networks with Orthonormality and Modulation Di Xie et al. 2017-03-06
Attention Is All You Need Ashish Vaswani et al. 2017-06-12
CNN Is All You Need Qiming Chen et al. 2017-12-27
Diversity is All You Need: Learning Skills without a Reward Function Benjamin Eysenbach et al. 2018-02-16
MemGEN: Memory is All You Need Sylvain Gelly et al. 2018-03-29
Cross-lingual Argumentation Mining: Machine Translation (and a bit of Projection) is All You Need! Steffen Eger et al. 2018-07-24
All You Need is "Love": Evading Hate-speech Detection Tommi Gröndahl et al. 2018-08-28
Bytes are All You Need: End-to-End Multilingual Speech Recognition and Synthesis with Bytes Bo Li et al. 2018-11-22
Depthwise Convolution is All You Need for Learning Multiple Visual Domains Yunhui Guo et al. 2019-02-03
CBOW Is Not All You Need: Combining CBOW with the Compositional Matrix Space Model Florian Mai et al. 2019-02-18
All You Need is a Few Shifts: Designing Efficient Convolutional Neural Networks for Image Classification Weijie Chen et al. 2019-03-13
ThumbNet: One Thumbnail Image Contains All You Need for Recognition Chen Zhao et al. 2019-04-10
Focus Is All You Need: Loss Functions For Event-based Vision Guillermo Gallego et al. 2019-04-15
Segmentation is All You Need Zehua Cheng et al. 2019-04-30
Mixed Precision DNNs: All you need is a good parametrization Stefan Uhlich et al. 2019-05-27
Attention Is (not) All You Need for Commonsense Reasoning Tassilo Klein et al. 2019-05-31
Attention is all you need for Videos: Self-attention based Video Summarization using Universal Transformers Manjot Bilkhu et al. 2019-06-06
One Epoch Is All You Need Aran Komatsuzaki 2019-06-16
All You Need is Ratings: A Clustering Approach to Synthetic Rating Datasets Generation Diego Monti et al. 2019-09-02
Is Fast Adaptation All You Need? Khurram Javed et al. 2019-10-03
Attention Is All You Need for Chinese Word Segmentation Sufeng Duan et al. 2019-10-31
Fast Transformer Decoding: One Write-Head is All You Need Noam Shazeer 2019-11-06
All You Need Is Boundary: Toward Arbitrary-Shaped Text Spotting Hao Wang et al. 2019-11-21
Breaking the cycle -- Colleagues are all you need Ori Nizan et al. 2019-11-24
ASR is all you need: cross-modal distillation for lip reading Triantafyllos Afouras et al. 2019-11-28
Prioritized Unit Propagation with Periodic Resetting is (Almost) All You Need for Random SAT Solving Xujie Si et al. 2019-12-04
15 Keypoints Is All You Need Michael Snower et al. 2019-12-05
All You Need Is Low (Rank): Defending Against Adversarial Attacks on Graphs Negin Entezari et al. 2020-01-22
Proving the Lottery Ticket Hypothesis: Pruning is All You Need Eran Malach et al. 2020-02-03
ReZero is All You Need: Fast Convergence at Large Depth Thomas Bachlechner et al. 2020-03-10
Rethinking Few-Shot Image Classification: a Good Embedding Is All You Need? Yonglong Tian et al. 2020-03-25
All you need is a second look: Towards Tighter Arbitrary shape text detection Meng Cao et al. 2020-04-26
Image Augmentation Is All You Need: Regularizing Deep Reinforcement Learning from Pixels Ilya Kostrikov et al. 2020-04-28
Pre-training Is (Almost) All You Need: An Application to Commonsense Reasoning Alexandre Tamborrino et al. 2020-04-29
Is MAP Decoding All You Need? The Inadequacy of the Mode in Neural Machine Translation Bryan Eikema et al. 2020-05-20
DeeperGCN: All You Need to Train Deeper GCNs Guohao Li et al. 2020-06-13
Logarithmic Pruning is All You Need Laurent Orseau et al. 2020-06-22
Lipschitzness Is All You Need To Tame Off-policy Generative Adversarial Imitation Learning Lionel Blondé et al. 2020-06-28
Data Movement Is All You Need: A Case Study on Optimizing Transformers Andrei Ivanov et al. 2020-06-30
Hopfield Networks is All You Need Hubert Ramsauer et al. 2020-07-16
A Lip Sync Expert Is All You Need for Speech to Lip Generation In The Wild K R Prajwal et al. 2020-08-23
Against Membership Inference Attack: Pruning is All You Need Yijue Wang et al. 2020-08-28
All You Need Is CONSTRUCT Dominique Duval et al. 2020-10-02
Transcription Is All You Need: Learning to Separate Musical Mixtures with Score as Supervision Yun-Ning Hung et al. 2020-10-22
Attention is All You Need in Speech Separation Cem Subakan et al. 2020-10-25
One Solution is Not All You Need: Few-Shot Extrapolation via Structured MaxEnt RL Saurabh Kumar et al. 2020-10-27
Language Model is All You Need: Natural Language Understanding as Question Answering Mahdi Namazifar et al. 2020-11-05
Is Independent Learning All You Need in the StarCraft Multi-Agent Challenge? Christian Schroeder de Witt et al. 2020-11-18
MixMix: All You Need for Data-Free Compression Are Feature and Data Mixing Yuhang Li et al. 2020-11-19
A Reputation Mechanism Is All You Need: Collaborative Fairness and Adversarial Robustness in Federated Learning Xinyi Xu et al. 2020-11-20
All You Need is a Good Functional Prior for Bayesian Deep Learning Ba-Hien Tran et al. 2020-11-25
RPT: Relational Pre-trained Transformer Is Almost All You Need towards Democratizing Data Preparation Nan Tang et al. 2020-12-04
Few-Shot Segmentation Without Meta-Learning: A Good Transductive Inference Is All You Need? Malik Boudiaf et al. 2020-12-11
One Point is All You Need: Directional Attention Point for Feature Learning Liqiang Lin et al. 2020-12-11
Evolution Is All You Need: Phylogenetic Augmentation for Contrastive Learning Amy X. Lu et al. 2020-12-25
A Simple Fine-tuning Is All You Need: Towards Robust Deep Learning Via Adversarial Fine-tuning Ahmadreza Jeddi et al. 2020-12-25
Is Space-Time Attention All You Need for Video Understanding? Gedas Bertasius et al. 2021-02-09
All You Need is DAG Idit Keidar et al. 2021-02-16
Node Proximity Is All You Need: Unified Structural and Positional Node and Graph Embedding Jing Zhu et al. 2021-02-26
Attention is Not All You Need: Pure Attention Loses Rank Doubly Exponentially with Depth Yihe Dong et al. 2021-03-05
GAN Vocoder: Multi-Resolution Discriminator Is All You Need Jaeseong You et al. 2021-03-09
Partial Differential Equations is All You Need for Generating Neural Architectures -- A Theory for Physical Artificial Intelligence Systems Ping Guo et al. 2021-03-10
More Photos are All You Need: Semi-Supervised Learning for Fine-Grained Sketch Based Image Retrieval Ayan Kumar Bhunia et al. 2021-03-25
Categorical Representation Learning: Morphism is All You Need Artan Sheshmani et al. 2021-03-26
Not All Attention Is All You Need Hongqiu Wu et al. 2021-04-10
Spatiotemporal Entropy Model is All You Need for Learned Video Compression Zhenhong Sun et al. 2021-04-13
All you need are a few pixels: semantic segmentation with PixelPick Gyungin Shin et al. 2021-04-13
Is Disentanglement all you need? Comparing Concept-based & Disentanglement Approaches Dmitry Kazhdan et al. 2021-04-14
Cross-Attention is All You Need: Adapting Pretrained Transformers for Machine Translation Mozhdeh Gheini et al. 2021-04-18
Looking at CTR Prediction Again: Is Attention All You Need? Yuan Cheng et al. 2021-05-12
It^oTTS and It^oWave: Linear Stochastic Differential Equation Is All You Need For Audio Generation Shoule Wu et al. 2021-05-17
Value Function is All You Need: A Unified Learning Framework for Ride Hailing Platforms Xiaocheng Tang et al. 2021-05-18
Simple steps are all you need: Frank-Wolfe and generalized self-concordant functions Alejandro Carderera et al. 2021-05-28
Three Sentences Are All You Need: Local Path Enhanced Document Relation Extraction Quzhe Huang et al. 2021-06-03
Self-Supervision is All You Need for Solving Rubik's Cube Kyo Takano 2021-06-06
Tabular Data: Deep Learning is Not All You Need Ravid Shwartz-Ziv et al. 2021-06-06
Pretrained Encoders are All You Need Mina Khan et al. 2021-06-09
Transductive Few-Shot Learning: Clustering is All You Need? Imtiaz Masud Ziko et al. 2021-06-16
Clinically relevant pretraining is all you need Oliver J. Bear Don't Walk IV et al. 2021-06-21
All You Need is a Second Look: Towards Arbitrary-Shaped Text Detection Meng Cao et al. 2021-06-24
Mutation is all you need Lennart Schneider et al. 2021-07-04
Hoechst Is All You Need: Lymphocyte Classification with Deep Learning Jessica Cooper et al. 2021-07-09
A Configurable Multilingual Model is All You Need to Recognize All Languages Long Zhou et al. 2021-07-13
Per-Pixel Classification is Not All You Need for Semantic Segmentation Bowen Cheng et al. 2021-07-13
DNN is not all you need: Parallelizing Non-Neural ML Algorithms on Ultra-Low-Power IoT Processors Enrico Tabanelli et al. 2021-07-16
Is attention to bounding boxes all you need for pedestrian action prediction? Lina Achaji et al. 2021-07-16
Few Shots Are All You Need: A Progressive Few Shot Learning Approach for Low Resource Handwritten Text Recognition Mohamed Ali Souibgui et al. 2021-07-21
Triplet is All You Need with Random Mappings for Unsupervised Visual Representation Learning Wenbin Li et al. 2021-07-22
SphereFace2: Binary Classification is All You Need for Deep Face Recognition Yandong Wen et al. 2021-08-03
Pose is all you need: The pose only group activity recognition system (POGARS) Haritha Thilakarathne et al. 2021-08-09
A good body is all you need: avoiding catastrophic interference via agent architecture search Joshua Powers et al. 2021-08-18
Prior Is All You Need to Improve the Robustness and Safety for the First Time Deployment of Meta RL Lu Wen et al. 2021-08-19
Fastformer: Additive Attention Can Be All You Need Chuhan Wu et al. 2021-08-20
All You Need is Color: Image based Spatial Gene Expression Prediction using Neural Stain Learning Muhammad Dawood et al. 2021-08-23
Photos Are All You Need for Reciprocal Recommendation in Online Dating James Neve et al. 2021-08-26
Neural HMMs are all you need (for high-quality attention-free TTS) Shivam Mehta et al. 2021-08-30
Mask is All You Need: Rethinking Mask R-CNN for Dense and Arbitrary-Shaped Scene Text Detection Xugong Qin et al. 2021-09-08
WeakSTIL: Weak whole-slide image level stromal tumor infiltrating lymphocyte scores are all you need Yoni Schirris et al. 2021-09-13
Attention Is Indeed All You Need: Semantically Attention-Guided Decoding for Data-to-Text NLG Juraj Juraska et al. 2021-09-15
Torch.manual_seed(3407) is all you need: On the influence of random seeds in deep learning architectures for computer vision David Picard 2021-09-16
Is Curiosity All You Need? On the Utility of Emergent Behaviours from Curious Exploration Oliver Groth et al. 2021-09-17
One Timestep is All You Need: Training Spiking Neural Networks with Ultra Low Latency Sayeed Shafayet Chowdhury et al. 2021-10-01
Attention is All You Need? Good Embeddings with Statistics are enough:Large Scale Audio Understanding without Transformers/ Convolutions/ BERTs/ Mixers/ Attention/ RNNs or .... Prateek Verma 2021-10-07
Open-Set Recognition: a Good Closed-Set Classifier is All You Need? Sagar Vaze et al. 2021-10-12
Jurassic is (almost) All You Need: Few-Shot Meaning-to-Text Generation for Open-Domain Dialogue Lena Reed et al. 2021-10-15
Hyperparameter Tuning is All You Need for LISTA Xiaohan Chen et al. 2021-10-29
Is Bang-Bang Control All You Need? Solving Continuous Control with Bernoulli Policies Tim Seyde et al. 2021-11-03
Realizable Learning is All You Need Max Hopkins et al. 2021-11-08
Gradients are Not All You Need Luke Metz et al. 2021-11-10
Perceiving and Modeling Density is All You Need for Image Dehazing Tian Ye et al. 2021-11-18
Hierarchy Decoder is All You Need To Text Classification SangHun Im et al. 2021-11-22
Variance Reduction in Deep Learning: More Momentum is All You Need Lionel Tondji et al. 2021-11-23
CDNet is all you need: Cascade DCN based underwater object detection RCNN Di Chang 2021-11-25
All You Need is RAW: Defending Against Adversarial Attacks with Camera Image Pipelines Yuxuan Zhang et al. 2021-12-16
Generalized Few-Shot Semantic Segmentation: All You Need is Fine-Tuning Josh Myers-Dean et al. 2021-12-21
Cost Aggregation Is All You Need for Few-Shot Segmentation Sunghwan Hong et al. 2021-12-22
ML4CO: Is GCNN All You Need? Graph Convolutional Neural Networks Produce Strong Baselines For Combinatorial Optimization Problems, If Tuned and Trained Properly, on Appropriate Data Amin Banitalebi-Dehkordi et al. 2021-12-22
Revisiting Transformation Invariant Geometric Deep Learning: Are Initial Representations All You Need? Ziwei Zhang et al. 2021-12-23
All You Need In Sign Language Production Razieh Rastgoo et al. 2022-01-05
Universal Online Learning with Unbounded Losses: Memory Is All You Need Moise Blanchard et al. 2022-01-21
Patches Are All You Need? Asher Trockman et al. 2022-01-24
It^oWave: It^o Stochastic Differential Equation Is All You Need For Wave Generation Shoule Wu et al. 2022-01-29
Optimizing Gradient-driven Criteria in Network Sparsity: Gradient is All You Need Yuxin Zhang et al. 2022-01-30
One-Nearest-Neighbor Search is All You Need for Minimax Optimal Regression and Classification J. Jon Ryu et al. 2022-02-05
Distillation with Contrast is All You Need for Self-Supervised Point Cloud Representation Learning Kexue Fu et al. 2022-02-09
Noise Augmentation Is All You Need For FGSM Fast Adversarial Training: Catastrophic Overfitting And Robust Overfitting Require Different Augmentation Chaoning Zhang et al. 2022-02-11
1-WL Expressiveness Is (Almost) All You Need Markus Zopf 2022-02-21
All You Need Is Supervised Learning: From Imitation Learning to Meta-RL With Upside Down RL Kai Arulkumaran et al. 2022-02-24
Filter-enhanced MLP is All You Need for Sequential Recommendation Kun Zhou et al. 2022-02-28
One Model is All You Need: Multi-Task Learning Enables Simultaneous Histology Image Segmentation and Classification Simon Graham et al. 2022-02-28
Video is All You Need: Attacking PPG-based Biometric Authentication Lin Li et al. 2022-03-02
Structured Pruning is All You Need for Pruning CNNs at Initialization Yaohui Cai et al. 2022-03-04
All You Need is LUV: Unsupervised Collection of Labeled Images using Invisible UV Fluorescent Indicators Brijen Thananjeyan et al. 2022-03-09
Respecting causality is all you need for training physics-informed neural networks Sifan Wang et al. 2022-03-14
Distraction is All You Need for Fairness Mehdi Yazdani-Jahromi et al. 2022-03-15
Neural Vocoder is All You Need for Speech Super-resolution Haohe Liu et al. 2022-03-28
A single speaker is almost all you need for automatic speech recognition Edresson Casanova et al. 2022-03-29
A 23 MW data centre is all you need Samuel Albanie et al. 2022-03-31
TransGeo: Transformer Is All You Need for Cross-view Image Geo-localization Sijie Zhu et al. 2022-03-31
Overlapping Word Removal is All You Need: Revisiting Data Imbalance in Hope Speech Detection Hariharan RamakrishnaIyer LekshmiAmmal et al. 2022-04-12
Need is All You Need: Homeostatic Neural Networks Adapt to Concept Shift Kingson Man et al. 2022-05-17
Positional Information is All You Need: A Novel Pipeline for Self-Supervised SVDE from Videos Juan Luis Gonzalez Bello et al. 2022-05-18
Sampling Is All You Need on Modeling Long-Term User Behaviors for CTR Prediction Yue Cao et al. 2022-05-20
All You Need Is Logs: Improving Code Completion by Learning from Anonymous IDE Usage Logs Vitaliy Bibaev et al. 2022-05-21
Pretraining is All You Need for Image-to-Image Translation Tengfei Wang et al. 2022-05-25
GMML is All you Need Sara Atito et al. 2022-05-30
Is More Data All You Need? A Causal Exploration Athanasios Vlontzos et al. 2022-06-06
Words are all you need? Capturing human sensory similarity with textual descriptors Raja Marjieh et al. 2022-06-08
A smile is all you need: Predicting limiting activity coefficients from SMILES with natural language processing Benedikt Winter et al. 2022-06-15
All you need is feedback: Communication with block attention feedback codes Emre Ozfatura et al. 2022-06-19
Questions Are All You Need to Train a Dense Passage Retriever Devendra Singh Sachan et al. 2022-06-21
Rethinking Surgical Instrument Segmentation: A Background Image Can Be All You Need An Wang et al. 2022-06-23
CV 3315 Is All You Need : Semantic Segmentation Competition Akide Liu et al. 2022-06-25
Computer-assisted Pronunciation Training -- Speech synthesis is almost all you need Daniel Korzekwa et al. 2022-07-02
Is a PET all you need? A multi-modal study for Alzheimer's disease using 3D CNNs Marla Narazani et al. 2022-07-05


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A list of all "all you need" papers. Updated daily using the arXiv API.


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