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Methods and Implements of Deep Clustering

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Deep Clustering: methods and implements

[🔔 News! 🔔 ] We have released a new survey paper based on this repository, with a new perspective of existing deep clustering methods! We are looking forward to any comments or discussions on this topic :)

Survey Paper Conference
🚩 A Comprehensive Survey on Deep Clustering: Taxonomy, Challenges, and Future Directions Arxiv 2022
A Survey of Clustering With Deep Learning: From the Perspective of Network Architecture IEEE ACCESS 2018
Clustering with Deep Learning: Taxonomy and New Methods Arxiv 2018
Unsupervised clustering for deep learning: A tutorial survey APH 2018
Pre-print Paper Method Conference Code
Exploring Non-Contrastive Representation Learning for Deep Clustering NCC Arxiv 2021 Pytorch
Cluster Analysis with Deep Embeddings and Contrastive Learning - Arxiv 2021 -
Deep Clustering and Representation Learning with Geometric Structure Preservation DCRL Arxiv 2021 Pytorch
Deep Clustering with Self-supervision using Pairwise Data Similarities DCSS TechRxiv 2021 Pytorch
SPICE: Semantic Pseudo-labeling for Image Clustering SPICE Arxiv 2021 Pytorch
Deep clustering by semantic contrastive learning SCL Arxiv 2021 -
Doubly contrastive deep clustering DCDC Arxiv 2021 Pytorch
Learning Statistical Representation with Joint Deep Embedded Clustering StatDEC Arxiv 2021 -
DHOG: Deep Hierarchical Object Grouping DHOG Arxiv 2020 -
Deep Robust Clustering by Contrastive Learning DRC Arxiv 2020 -
Un-Mix: Rethinking Image Mixture for Unsupervised Visual Representation Learning Un-Mix Arxiv 2020 Pytorch
Differentiable Deep Clustering with Cluster Size Constraints - Arxiv 2019 -
Deep Continuous Clustering DCC Arxiv 2018 Pytorch
Clustering-driven Deep Embedding with Pairwise Constraints CPAC Arxiv 2018 Pytorch
Deep Temporal Clustering : Fully Unsupervised Learning of Time-Domain Features DTC Arxiv 2018 Keras
Graph Clustering with Dynamic Embedding GRACE Arxiv 2017 -
Deep Unsupervised Clustering using Mixture of Autoencoders MIXAE Arxiv 2017 -
Discriminatively Boosted Image Clustering with Fully Convolutional Auto-Encoders DBC Arxiv 2017 -
Deep Clustering Network DCN Arxiv 2016 Theano
Paper Method Conference Code
Discriminative Similarity for Data Clustering CDS ICLR 2022 -
A Deep Variational Approach to Clustering Survival Data VaDeSC ICLR 2022 TensorFlow
Contrastive Fine-grained Class Clustering via Generative Adversarial Networks C3-GAN ICLR 2022 Pytorch
Deep Graph Clustering via Dual Correlation Reduction DCRN AAAI 2022 Pytorch
Top-Down Deep Clustering with Multi-generator GANs HC-MGAN AAAI 2022 Pytorch
Neural generative model for clustering by separating particularity and commonality DGC Information Sciences 2022 -
Information Maximization Clustering via Multi-View Self-Labelling IMC-SwAV Knowledge-Based Systems 2022 Pytorch
Sign prediction in sparse social networks using clustering and collaborative filtering - TJSC 2022 -
You Never Cluster Alone TCC NeurIPS 2021 -
Multi-Facet Clustering Variational Autoencoders MFCVAE NeurIPS 2021 Pytorch
Multi-view Contrastive Graph Clustering MCGC NeurIPS 2021 Python
Graph Contrastive Clustering GCC ICCV 2021 Pytorch
One-pass Multi-view Clustering for Large-scale Data OPMC ICCV 2021 Matlab
Multi-VAE: Learning Disentangled View-common and View-peculiar Visual Representations for Multi-view Clustering Multi-VAE ICCV 2021 Pytorch
Learn to Cluster Faces via Pairwise Classification - ICCV 2021 -
Multimodal Clustering Networks for Self-supervised Learning from Unlabeled Videos MCN ICCV 2021 Pytorch
Clustering by Maximizing Mutual Information Across Views CRLC ICCV 2021 -
End-to-End Robust Joint Unsupervised Image Alignment and Clustering Jim-Net ICCV 2021 -
Learning Hierarchical Graph Neural Networks for Image Clustering Hi-LANDER ICCV 2021 Pytorch
Deep Descriptive Clustering DDC IJCAI 2021 -
Details (Don't) Matter: Isolating Cluster Information in Deep Embedded Spaces ACe/DeC IJCAI 2021 -
Graph Debiased Contrastive Learning with Joint Representation Clustering GDCL IJCAI 2021 Pytorch
Unsupervised Feature Learning by Cross-Level Instance-Group Discrimination CLD CVPR 2021 Pytorch
Nearest Neighbor Matching for Deep Clustering NNM CVPR 2021 Pytorch
Jigsaw Clustering for Unsupervised Visual Representation Learning JigsawClustering CVPR 2021 Pytorch
COMPLETER: Incomplete Multi-view Clustering via Contrastive Prediction COMPLETER CVPR 2021 Pytorch
Reconsidering Representation Alignment for Multi-view Clustering SiMVC & CoMVC CVPR 2021 Pytorch
Double Low-rank Representation with Projection Distance Penalty for Clustering DLRRPD CVPR 2021 Matlab
Improving Unsupervised Image Clustering With Robust Learning RUC CVPR 2021 Pytorch
Learning a Self-Expressive Network for Subspace Clustering SENet CVPR 2021 Pytorch
Clusformer: A Transformer Based Clustering Approach to Unsupervised Large-Scale Face and Visual Landmark Recognition Clusformer CVPR 2021 -
Cluster-wise Hierarchical Generative Model for Deep Amortized Clustering CHiGac CVPR 2021 -
Refining Pseudo Labels with Clustering Consensus over Generations for Unsupervised Object Re-identification RLCC CVPR 2021 -
Clustering-friendly Representation Learning via Instance Discrimination and Feature Decorrelation IDFD ICLR 2021 Pytorch
MiCE: Mixture of Contrastive Experts for Unsupervised Image Clustering MiCE ICLR 2021 Pytorch
Contrastive Clustering CC AAAI 2021 Pytorch
Interpretable Clustering on Dynamic Graphs with Recurrent Graph Neural Networks RNNGCN AAAI 2021 Pytorch
LRSC: Learning Representations for Subspace Clustering LRSC AAAI 2021 -
Deep Fusion Clustering Network DFCN AAAI 2021 Pytorch
Variational Deep Embedding Clustering by Augmented Mutual Information Maximization VCAMI ICPR 2021 -
Supporting Clustering with Contrastive Learning SCCL NAACL 2021 Pytorch
Pseudo-Supervised Deep Subspace Clustering PSSC TIP 2021 TensorFlow
A hybrid approach for text document clustering using Jaya optimization algorithm HJO-DC ESWA 2021 -
Deep video action clustering via spatio-temporal feature learning DVAC Neurocomputing 2021 -
A new clustering method for the diagnosis of CoVID19 using medical images IGSA Applied Intelligence 2021 -
A Decoder-Free Variational Deep Embedding for Unsupervised Clustering DFVC TNNLS 2021 -
Image clustering using an augmented generative adversarial network and information maximization - TNNLS 2021 TensorFlow
Learning the Precise Feature for Cluster Assignment - IEEE Trans Cybern 2021 TensorFlow
Deep Subspace Clustering with Data Augmentation DSCwithDA NeurIPS 2020 Pytorch
Deep Transformation-Invariant Clustering DTI NeurIPS 2020 Pytorch
Unsupervised Learning of Visual Features by Contrasting Cluster Assignments SwAV NeurIPS 2020 Pytorch
Adversarial Learning for Robust Deep Clustering ALRDC NeurIPS 2020 Keras
Self-supervised learning by cross-modal audio-video clustering XDC NeurIPS 2020 Pytorch
Mitigating Embedding and Class Assignment Mismatch in Unsupervised Image Classification TSUC ECCV 2020 Pytorch
GATCluster: Self-Supervised Gaussian-Attention Network for Image Clustering GATCluster ECCV 2020 Pytorch
Deep Image Clustering with Category-Style Representation DCCS ECCV 2020 Pytorch
MPCC: Matching Priors and Conditionals for Clustering MPCC ECCV 2020 Pytorch
SCAN: Learning to Classify Images without Labels SCAN ECCV 2020 Pytorch
Learning to Cluster under Domain Shift ACIDS ECCV 2020 Pytorch
Multi-View Attribute Graph Convolution Networks for Clustering MAGCN IJCAI 2020 -
CDIMC-net: Cognitive Deep Incomplete Multi-view Clustering Network CDIMC-net IJCAI 2020 -
Spectral Clustering with Graph Neural Networks for Graph Pooling - ICML 2020 TensorFlow
Variational Clustering: Leveraging Variational Autoencoders for Image Clustering - IJCNN 2020 -
Improving k-Means Clustering Performance with Disentangled Internal Representations Annealing SNNL IJCNN 2020 Pytorch
Unsupervised clustering through gaussian mixture variational autoencoder with non-reparameterized variational inference and std annealing NVISA IJCNN 2020 -
Learning to Cluster Faces via Confidence and Connectivity Estimation LTC v2 CVPR 2020 Pytorch
Density-Aware Feature Embedding for Face Clustering DA-Net CVPR 2020 -
Deep Semantic Clustering by Partition Confidence Maximisation PICA CVPR 2020 Pytorch
Online Deep Clustering for Unsupervised Representation Learning ODC CVPR 2020 Pytorch
Multi-Scale Fusion Subspace Clustering Using Similarity Constraint SC-MSFSC CVPR 2020 -
Unsupervised Clustering using Pseudo-semi-supervised Learning Kingdra ICLR 2020 Keras
Self-labelling via Simultaneous Clustering and Representation Learning SeLa ICLR 2020 Pytorch
Structural Deep Clustering Network SDCN WWW 2020 Pytorch
Unified Graph and Low-Rank Tensor Learning for Multi-View Clustering UGLTL AAAI 2020 -
Multi-View Clustering in Latent Embedding Space MCLES AAAI 2020 MATLAB
Hierarchically Clustered Representation Learning HCRL AAAI 2020 -
Adaptive Two-Dimensional Embedded Image Clustering A2DEIC AAAI 2020 -
Learning to cluster documents into workspaces using large scale activity logs - SIGKDD 2020 -
N2D: (Not Too) Deep Clustering via Clustering the Local Manifold of an Autoencoded Embedding N2D ICPR 2020 TensorFlow
A text document clustering method based on weighted Bert model - ITNEC 2020 -
Deep clustering: On the link between discriminative models and K-means SoftK-means TPAMI 2020 Theano
Efficient and Effective Regularized Incomplete Multi-View Clustering EE-IMVC TPAMI 2020 -
Adversarial Deep Embedded Clustering: on a better trade-off between Feature Randomness and Feature Drift ADEC TKDE 2020 -
Schain-iram: An efficient and effective semi-supervised clustering algorithm for attributed heterogeneous information networks SCHAIN-IRAM TKDE 2020 -
Image Clustering via Deep Embedded Dimensionality Reduction and Probability-Based Triplet Loss DERC TIP 2020 TensorFlow
Deep Clustering with a Dynamic Autoencoder: From Reconstruction Towards Centroids Construction DynAE Neural Networks 2020 TensorFlow
Spectral Clustering via Ensemble Deep Autoencoder Learning (SC-EDAE) SC-EDAE PR 2020 -
Cross multi-type objects clustering in attributed heterogeneous information network CMOC-AHIN KBS 2020 -
Iterative transfer learning with neural network for clustering and cell type classification in single-cell RNA-seq analysis ItClust Nature machine intelligence 2020 Keras
Optimal Sampling and Clustering in the Stochastic Block Model - NeurIPS 2019 Python
Selective Sampling-based Scalable Sparse Subspace Clustering S5C NeurIPS 2019 MATLAB
GEMSEC: Graph Embedding with Self Clustering GEMSEC ASONAM 2019 TensorFlow
Video Face Clustering with Unknown Number of Clusters BCL ICCV 2019 Pytorch
ClusterSLAM: A SLAM Backend for Simultaneous Rigid Body ClusterSLAM ICCV 2019 -
Deep Clustering by Gaussian Mixture Variational Autoencoders with Graph Embedding DGG ICCV 2019 Pytorch
Deep Comprehensive Correlation Mining for Image Clustering DCCM ICCV 2019 Pytorch
Invariant Information Clustering for Unsupervised Image Classification and Segmentation IIC ICCV 2019 Pytorch
Subspace Structure-aware Spectral Clustering for Robust Subspace Clustering - ICCV 2019 -
Is an Affine Constraint Needed for Affine Subspace Clustering? - ICCV 2019 -
Deep Spectral Clustering using Dual Autoencoder Network - ICCV 2019 Tensorflow
Learning to Discover Novel Visual Categories via Deep Transfer Clustering DTC ICCV 2019 Pytorch
Reciprocal Multi-Layer Subspace Learning for Multi-View Clustering RMSL ICCV 2019 -
Adversarial Graph Embedding for Ensemble Clustering AGAE IJCAI 2019 -
Attributed Graph Clustering: A Deep Attentional Embedding Approach DAEGC IJCAI 2019 -
Neural Collaborative Subspace Clustering - ICML 2019 -
Self-Supervised Convolutional Subspace Clustering Network S^2ConvSCN CVPR 2019 -
Balanced Self-Paced Learning for Generative Adversarial Clustering Network ClusterGAN CVPR 2019 -
Linkage-based Face Clustering via Graph Convolution Network L-GCN CVPR 2019 Pytorch
Learning to Cluster Faces on an Affinity Graph LTC CVPR 2019 Pytorch
Learning Latent Superstructures in Variational Autoencoders for Deep Multidimensional Clustering LTVAE ICLR 2019 Pytorch
Clustering Meets Implicit Generative Models - ICLR 2019 workshop -
ClusterGAN: Latent Space Clustering in Generative Adversarial Networks ClusterGAN AAAI 2019 TensorFlow
Cluster-gcn: An efficient algorithm for training deep and large graph convolutional networks Cluster-GCN SIGKDD 2019 TensorFlow
Adaptive Self-paced Deep Clustering with Data Augmentation ASPC-DA TKDE 2019 TensorFlow
Clustering with outlier removal COR TKDE 2019 -
Clustering single-cell RNA-seq data with a model-based deep learning approach scDeepCluster Nature Machine Intelligence 2019 Keras
A Hybrid Autoencoder Network for Unsupervised Image Clustering - Algorithms 2019 -
A Deep Clustering Algorithm based on Gaussian Mixture Model - JPCS 2019 -
Text document clustering using spectral clustering algorithm with particle swarm optimization SCPSO ESWA 2019 Python
Deep Clustering with Convolutional Autoencoders DCEC ICONIP 2018 Keras
Deep Embedded Clustering with Data Augmentation DEC-DA ACML 2018 TensorFlow
Deep adversarial subspace clustering DASC CVPR 2018 -
Deep Clustering for Unsupervised Learning of Visual Features DeepCluster ECCV 2018 Pytorch
SpectralNet: Spectral Clustering Using Deep Neural Networks SpectralNet ICLR 2018 TensorFlow
Mixture of GANs for Clustering - IJCAI 2018 -
Subspace Clustering using a Low-rank Constrained Autoencoder LRAE Information Science 2018 -
Deep Discriminative Latent Space for Clustering - NeurIPS 2017 -
Deep Subspace Clustering Networks DSC-Nets NeurIPS 2017 TensorFlow
Is Simple Better?: Revisiting Simple Generative Models for Unsupervised Clustering - NeurIPS 2017 Workshop Pytorch
Deep Clustering via Joint Convolutional Autoencoder Embedding and Relative Entropy Minimization DEPICT ICCV 2017 Theano
Deep Adaptive Image Clustering DAC ICCV 2017 Keras
Improved Deep Embedded Clustering with Local Structure Preservation IDEC IJCAI 2017 Keras Pytorch
Variational Deep Embedding: An Unsupervised and Generative Approach to Clustering VaDE IJCAI 2017 Keras
Towards K-means-friendly Spaces: Simultaneous Deep Learning and Clustering DCN ICML 2017 Theano
Learning Discrete Representations via Information Maximizing Self-Augmented Training IMSAT ICML 2017 Python
Deep Unsupervised Clustering With Gaussian Mixture Variational AutoEncoders GMVAE ICLR 2017 Lua
Semi-supervised clustering in attributed heterogeneous information networks SCHAIN WWW 2017 MATLAB
Cascade Subspace Clustering CSC AAAI 2017 -
Unsupervised Multi-Manifold Clustering by Learning Deep Representation DMC AAAI 2017 Workshop -
Combining structured node content and topology information for networked graph clustering - TKDD 2017 -
CNN-Based Joint Clustering and Representation Learning with Feature Drift Compensation for Large-Scale Image Data - TMM 2017 -
Robust continuous clustering RCC PNAS 2017 -
Unsupervised Deep Embedding for Clustering Analysis DEC ICML 2016 Caffe TensorFlow
Joint Unsupervised Learning of Deep Representations and Image Clusters JULE CVPR 2016 Torch
Deep subspace clustering with sparsity prior PARTY IJCAI 2016 -
CCCF: Improving collaborative filtering via scalable user-item co-clustering CCCF WSDM 2016 -
Deep Embedding Network for Clustering DEN ICPR 2014 -
Learning Deep Representations for Graph Clustering - AAAI 2014 Python
Auto-encoder Based Data Clustering ABDC CIARP 2013 Pytorch
Discriminative Clustering by Regularized Information Maximization RIM NeurIPS 2010 -


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Methods and Implements of Deep Clustering