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Utility library for JSON-schema generation

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JSON Schema Utilities

Work in progress

This is going to be a suite of utilities for generating JSON schema.

Right now, it is work in progress, but the long-term goal is to allow for two things:

  • JSON Schema generation
  • Code generation templating based on JSON schemas

The latter is somewhat inspired by WebKit's use of JSON schema and JSON-RPC in their web inspector projects.

The target format of this suite is going to be based on the IETF draft of A JSON Media Type for Describing the Structure and Meaning of JSON Documents with some caveats:

  1. Only a subset of the specification will be used. The spec is rather large and some of it can be open for interpretation.

    This project will still be a success if one can generate code from the format used

  2. Even though JSON schema is described in JSON, YAML will be used as the preferred human readable format for viewing these schemas.


Utility library for JSON-schema generation