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EuroPython 2018 Conference Talk Videos

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Abstracts and full schedule available at the EuroPython 2018 website.

Wednesday 26th July

Time Smarkets PyCharm [PyData] Fintry [PyData] Moorfoot Lammermuir Kilsyth
09:15 Die Threads
10:30 SSLError, now what? Understanding and Implementing Recurrent Neural Networks using Python Python in scientific computing: what works and what doesn't Asyncio in Python 3.7 and 3.8. How to write Rust instead of C, and get away with it (yes, it's a Python talk) The naïve programmer
11:20 Reliability in distributed systems Bridging the Gap: from Data Science to Production Hacking Reinforcement Learning Pythonic code vs. performance Postgres at any scale My Story with Python and Open Source
12:10 Adventures in compatibility: emulating CPython's C API in PyPy Using Bonobo, Airflow and Grafana to visualize your business Using Pandas and Dask to work with large columnar datasets in Apache Parquet Leadership of Technical Teams Let’s Build a Python Profiler in 25 LOC Python Decorators: Gift or Poison?
14:00 Python 2 is dead! Drag your old code into the modern age. Fuzzy Matching - Smart Way of Finding Similar Names Using Fuzzywuzzy How is python used in biomolecular sciences? Python on Windows is Okay, Actually Trio: A pythonic way to do async programming How to develop your project from an idea to architecture design in 50 minutes
14:35 What's new in Python 3.7 Recipe for text analysis in social media All You Need is Pandas: Unexpected Success Stories Autism in development What makes coding for MicroPython different?
15:30 Quantum Computing: a Very Gentle Glimpse into a Possible Future Bad hotel again? Find your perfect match! ETL pipeline to achieve reliability at scale reno: A New Way to Manage Release Notes Asyncio in production From Zero to Azure with Python, Docker containers, and Visual Studio… Code
16:05 Recursion, Fractals, and the Python Turtle Module How do I get the job I want? A Jupyter Enhancement Proposal Story Python, Docker, Kubernetes, and beyond? Let’s embrace WebAssembly! Washing away code smells
16:45 White Mars: living far away from any form of life
17:30 Lightning Talks

Thursday 27th July

Time Smarkets PyCharm [PyData] Fintry [PyData] Moorfoot Lammermuir Kilsyth
09:15 PyPI: Past, Present and Future
10:30 How to Write Deployment-friendly Applications CatBoost - the new generation of Gradient Boosting Deep Learning with PyTorch for Fun and Profit Cython to speed up your Python code Recruiting Session [reserved] JavaScript for Python Developers
11:20 Interoperability Rules for an European API Ecosystem: do we still need SOAP? use Open Source materials to learn Python & data science? When to use Machine Learning: Tips, Tricks and Warnings Microservices and Serverless in Python projects Hello to the World in 8 Web Frameworks (micro, batteries included & async) Django queries optimization
12:10 Understanding and Applying CQRS Introduction to sentiment analysis with spaCy The rise of Python in the data communities Django structure for scale and longevity Code Review Skills for Pythonistas Standardize Testing in Python
14:00 How to make money using Python - Unused potential in the Enterprise… World Data is not flat Debugging Your Code with Data Visualization Iteration Inside Out - Python's Iteration Protocol asyncio in Practice: We Did It Wrong A Python implementation in Rust?
14:35 More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About Python Functions Building a Naive Bayes Text Classifier with scikit-learn Industrial Machine Learning Pipelines with… Python & Airflow Developing in a black hole: vim, tmux, httpie and jq Python and Web Sockets Mocks, fakes, dummies, stubs and spies: Successfully… isolating the snake
15:30 10 years of EuroPython and the Python community The Web is Terrifying! Using the PyData stack to spy on the spies. May the Fuzz be with you PEP 557* versus the world Why develop a CLI (Command Line Interface) first? Type annotations with larger codebases
16:05 Marge: A bot for better Git'ing Building new NLP solutions with spaCy and Prodigy Succinct data structures for python Getting Started with Mypy and Type Checking Proper Django Testing Is your code tainted? Finding security vulnerabilities using taint-tracking.
16:45 How to Ignore Most Startup Advice and Build a Decent Software Business
17:30 Why Python is at the heart of Smarkets
17:45 Lightning Talks

Friday 28th July

Time Smarkets PyCharm [PyData] Fintry [PyData] Moorfoot Lammermuir Kilsyth
09:15 Citizen Science with Python
10:30 EduBlocks - Making the transition to Python easier! Addressing multithreading and multiprocessing in transparent and Pythonic ways Building a Question Answering System using Deep Learning Techniques Creating Solid APIs Python 3: ten years later The Challenges of Maintaining a Popular Open-Source Project
11:20 Get Productive with Python in Visual Studio Code Good features beat algorithms Winning card games with 1000+ CPUs System testing with Pytest, Docker, and Flask Programming paradigms for physical computing and IoT Automating testing and deployment with Github and Travis
12:10 Rehabilitating Pickle Processing Geodata using Python and Open Source Modules Change music in two epochs Exploring the Python AST Ecosystem Writing good error messages Python Software Foundation Session
14:00 Quart a asyncio alternative to Flask Trust me, I'm a Data Scientist - ethics for builders of… data-based From linear algebra to machine learning A Taxonomy of Decorators: A-E A tale of refactoring EuroPython 2019: Help us
14:35 Integration Tests with Super Powers Lies, damned lies, and statistics How async and await ended up in Python EPS General Assembly 2018
15:30 Faster Python startup Productionizing your ML code seamlessly Air Quality & Python: Developing Online Analysis Tools The Boring Python Office Talk - Automate… Powerpoint, Excel, and PDF Rust and Python - Oxidize Your Snake Domain-Driven Design Patterns in Python
16:05 Bytecodes and stacks: A look at CPython’s compiler and its… execution model Easy interactive data applications with Dash Walking the Random Forest and boosting the trees Creating a Culture of Software Craftsmanship Python and GraphQL
16:45 Sprint Orientation
17:15 Lightning Talks


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