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$Id: README_SVN.txt,v 1.2 2009/07/06 19:15:54 jrothwei Exp jrothwei $ Copyright 2009 Joseph Rothweiler

Joseph Rothweiler Sensicomm LLC Hudson, NH, USA

This file started 15Apr2009.

**************** MHZ100Q ***************************

MHZ100Q is a collection of components for high-speed data acquistion, including

  • A 100MHz 8-bit quad A/D PCB design.
  • VHDL code to capture data from the PCB.
  • Firmware for a Cypress CY7C68013A USB interface.
  • Drivers to access the USB interface from Octave and -eventually- from Matlab.

As of July 2009 the FPGA firmware supports digitizing up to 4 channels at a 100 MHz sampling rate, optional downsampling before storing into a 2k sample buffer, and transfer of samples to an Octave program via USB.

Several useful features - such as triggering on the waveform - are not yet implemented, and the currently posted PCB hardware design requires some minor modifications.

The project is hosted on Sourceforge and licensed under the GPL. Some useful links: - Homepage. - Project page.

Code is maintained in a Subversion repository. To browse:

Subversion download instructions are at:

Only the trunk subdirectory contains useful code.

For installation and test instructions, follow the "Documentation" link on the homepage.

Test using the command: octave -q -i mhz100q.m (by default, the program comes up in a test mode which does not require the A/D converter PCB.) To trigger a simulated conversion and display, just hit the 't' key on the keyboard.



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