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A modern Fluent Design replacement for the old Metro themed flyouts present in Windows.

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A modern Fluent Design replacement for the old Metro themed flyouts present in Windows since Windows 8.

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This application aims to provide a Fluent Design System based replacement for the old, built-in, Metro Design based Audio/Airplane mode/Brightness flyouts present in Windows (which haven't been updated since Windows 8 LOL) which are shown while pressing the media or volume keys or even the brightness keys (may be absent on Desktop PCs) or when airplane/flight mode is toggled.

This project has its roots in AudioFlyout by @ADeltaX with additional implementations for "Airplane mode", "Brightness" and "LockKeys" (includes Insert key, Caps, Num & Scroll lock keys) flyouts. This project stands as a complete replacement for the built-in one.

Note : The built-in flyout will not be permanently affected. It will be hidden temporarily while this application is running. So, no reason to fear breaking your system. For more information on how to recover the original flyouts, check out this How To page.

Users are provided the freedom to choose between the Windows built-in flyouts or modern flyouts from ModernFlyouts or neither of them.

It is impossible to have a flyout for the keyboard backlight brightness or for the function (Fn) key because they are not passed as keys but as hardware signals (which the OEMs decide). Any OS can receive those signals if they have the required driver.

Please check out the Wiki for additional information, guides and how-tos.

Please check out this document for support regarding your media player/browser.


  • Fluent UI (similar to Windows 10X).
  • Supports Light, Dark & High contrast themes.
  • Media session controls have additional options such as Shuffle, Repeat, Stop and Timeline Info.
  • Redesigned audio and brightness flyouts along with additional flyouts for Airplane mode, Lock keys and Insert/Overtype.
  • Each module can be disabled individually.
  • Flyout's TopBar can be pinned, unpinned or hidden.
  • Flyout is Draggable and autosaves the position. It also has feature for default position. (Check out the settings)
  • Smooth Animations & Transitions.
  • Opacity of the background of flyouts can be changed.
  • Timeout of flyouts can be changed.

System Requirements

  • Windows 10 1809 and above (older versions such as v0.3 and below support Windows 10 1803 downlevel till Windows 8, however v0.4 and above won't).


Modern Flyouts is available for you to install via GitHub, winget and the Microsoft Store.

All the distribution methods mentioned above are supported, however installing the app from the Microsoft Store is recommended as it is easier to install and will automatically remain up to date.

Microsoft Store:

Microsoft Store

You can sign up here for Beta Builds of ModernFlyouts which will include new experimental features.


  1. Go to the latest release on the Releases page.
  2. Download the latest *.msixbundle file from the assets.
  3. Install the downloaded *.msixbundle file and launch the app from the Start Menu.


please note that due to how winget processes package updates, updates may take longer to be released to winget.

winget install --id=ModernFlyouts.ModernFlyouts -e

Connect with us

You can join our Discord Server or Telegram Group to connect with us. By doing so, we can have off-topic conversations, news about this app, development previews and providing & collecting feedback (people who don't have a GitHub account may be benefitted).


This project welcomes all types of contributions such help planning, design, documentation, finding bugs are ways everyone can help on top of coding features / bug fixes. We are excited to work with the community to make this project reach its goals and beyond.

We ask that before you start work on a feature that you would like to contribute, please read our Contributor's Guide. We will be happy to work with you to figure out the best approach, provide guidance and mentorship throughout feature development, and help avoid any wasted or duplicate effort.

For guidance on developing for ModernFlyouts, please read the developer guide for a detailed breakdown. This includes how to setup your computer to build and run the app.



First of all, we must thank our good friend @ADeltaX for one of his marvelous works "AudioFlyout". Since the project was stale for a while and it lacked support for brightness and airplane mode flyouts, this project was born. He not only let us use his source code but also helped us improve this app. And he still supports us 😄. I must admit that this project wouldn't be here how it is without @ADeltaX. Our heartful thanks to him .

Next, we must thank @riverar for accepting our invite and allowing us to integrate parts of EarTrumpet into ModernFlyouts.

Our Team

  • Samuel12321 - Maintainer/co-owner of this repository and application publisher (including Microsoft Store).
  • ShankarBUS - Ex-Maintainer/co-owner & Developer.
  • Cyberdroid1 - Maintainer.
  • ADeltaX - Our savior! Helps us at critical times.

Our Contributors 💗💕


  • yume-chan - Found and fixed an important bug which we couldn't even identify 😅 #113.
  • Renzo904 - Fixed some important and annoying bugs #306 and #313.
  • fheck - Added the ability to toggle the usage of media session controls' thumbnail as background #315.

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Dependencies and References


Screenshots are temporarily removed 😅. They will be restored during v1.0 release cycle.


A modern Fluent Design replacement for the old Metro themed flyouts present in Windows.

License:MIT License


Language:C# 100.0%