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Allows interaction with iOS devices.

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JavaScript library, designed to facilitate communication with iOS devices. The library’s interface is Promise-based.


In order to use ios-device-lib, just add a reference to it in your package.json:

dependencies: {
	"ios-device-lib": "*"

After that execute npm install in the directory, where your package.json is located. This command will install all your dependencies in node_modules directory. Now you are ready to use ios-device-lib in your project:

const DeviceLib = require("ios-device-lib");
const dl = new DeviceLib(d => {
	console.log("Device FOUND!", device);
}, device => {
	console.log("Device LOST!", device);

dl.install("./app.ipa", ["deviceId1", "deviceId2"])
	.forEach(promise => {
		promise.then(response => {
			console.log("INSTALL PASSED", response);
		}).catch(err => {
			console.log("An error occurred ;(", err);

API Reference

This section contains information about each public method.

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Allows interaction with iOS devices.

License:Apache License 2.0


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