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A probabilistic programming language

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Hakaru is a simply-typed probabilistic programming language, designed for easy specification of probabilistic models and inference algorithms. Hakaru enables the design of modular probabilistic inference programs by providing:

  • A language for representing probabilistic distributions, queries, and inferences
  • Methods for transforming probabilistic information, such as conditional probability and probabilistic inference, using computer algebra

It can be used to aid in the creation of machine-learning applications and stochastic modeling to help answer variable queries and distributions.

Warning: This code is alpha and experimental.

For Hakaru documentation, including an installation guide and some sample programs, visit hakaru-dev.github.io.

Contact us at ppaml@indiana.edu if you have any questions or concerns.

Citing us

When referring to Hakaru, please cite the following academic paper:

P. Narayanan, J. Carette, W. Romano, C. Shan and R. Zinkov, "Probabilistic Inference by Program Transformation in Hakaru (System Description)", Functional and Logic Programming, pp. 62-79, 2016.

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A probabilistic programming language

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