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KIELER Lightweight Diagams

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KIELER Lightweight Diagams

Project Overview

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The Big Picture

The KIELER Lightweight Diagrams (KLighD) project aims at offering transient lightweight representations of models or parts of them, without incorporating complex editing facilities like graphical editors. Instead graphical or textual representations are to be synthesized from a chosen fraction of a model base and dismissed if they are not needed anymore. This way the Model-View-Controller paradigm (MVC) shall be established at the users' front end of modeling tools. Although KLighD is intended to address graphical as well as textual transient views, the graphical ones are currently in the focus. The automatic arrangement of those views (macro layout) is contributed by ELK.

Feel free to watch the following videos illustrating the idea and possibilities of transient views of models:


KIELER Lightweight Diagams

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