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Django application that generates robohash svg images

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Django app for creating svg robots

The idea: from any string (username, first name and last name, etc...), obtain a unique svg robot to display. This is useful for creating avatars or for testing purposes.


Install with pip:

pip install django-robohash-svg

Then declare the app in your settings.py



If you want an inline image in your template use the robohash tag

{% load robohash %}
here is a robot:
{% robohash "a string" %}
a small one :
{% robohash "a string" width=100 height=100 %}

If you want to serve robot images, edit your urls.py and use robohash view

from django_robohash.views import robohash

urlpatterns = [
    path('robohash/<string>/', robohash,

You can custom the url if you want, but keep "<string>".

Then you can display image like this

<img src="/robohash/{{ a_string }}/">


<img src="/robohash/{{ a_string }}/?width=120&height=120">

Default robots size is 300x300

You can generate the svg code by running this function:

from django_robohash.robotmaker import make_robot_svg
svg_code = make_robot_svg("my string", width=300, height=300)


Django application that generates robohash svg images

License:GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1


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