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GitHub Readme Stats

GitHub Readme Stats

Get dynamically generated GitHub stats on your readmes!

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GitHub Stats Card

Copy paste this into your markdown content, and that's it. Simple!

Change the ?username= value to your GitHub's username.

[![Anurag's github stats](https://github-readme-stats.vercel.app/api?username=anuraghazra)](https://github.com/anuraghazra/github-readme-stats)

Note: Ranks are calculated based on user's stats, see src/calculateRank.js

Hiding individual stats

To hide any specific stats, you can pass a query parameter ?hide= with comma separated values.

Options: &hide=stars,commits,prs,issues,contribs

![Anurag's github stats](https://github-readme-stats.vercel.app/api?username=anuraghazra&hide=contribs,prs)

Adding private contributions count to total commits count

You can add the count of all your private contributions to the total commits count by using the query parameter ?count_private=true.

Note: If you are deploying this project yourself, the private contributions will be counted by default otherwise you need to chose to share your private contribution counts.

Options: &count_private=true

![Anurag's github stats](https://github-readme-stats.vercel.app/api?username=anuraghazra&count_private=true)

Showing icons

To enable icons, you can pass show_icons=true in the query param, like so:

![Anurag's github stats](https://github-readme-stats.vercel.app/api?username=anuraghazra&show_icons=true)


With inbuilt themes you can customize the look of the card without doing any manual customization.

Use ?theme=THEME_NAME parameter like so :-

![Anurag's github stats](https://github-readme-stats.vercel.app/api?username=anuraghazra&show_icons=true&theme=radical)

All inbuilt themes :-

dark, radical, merko, gruvbox, tokyonight, onedark, cobalt, synthwave, highcontrast, dracula

GitHub Readme Stat Themes

You can look at a preview for all available themes or checkout the theme config file & you can also contribute new themes if you like :D


You can customize the appearance of your Stats Card or Repo Card however you want with URL params.

Common Options:

  • title_color - Card's title color (hex color)
  • text_color - Body text color (hex color)
  • icon_color - Icons color if available (hex color)
  • bg_color - Card's background color (hex color) or a gradient in the form of angle,start,end
  • theme - name of the theme, choose from all available themes
  • cache_seconds - set the cache header manually (min: 1800, max: 86400)
Gradient in bg_color

You can provide multiple comma separated values in bg_color option to render a gradient, the format of the gradient is :-


Note on cache: Repo cards have default cache of 4hours (14400 seconds) if the fork count & star count is less than 1k otherwise it's 2hours (7200). Also note that cache is clamped to minimum of 2hours and maximum of 24hours

Stats Card Exclusive Options:

  • hide - Hides the specified items from stats (Comma seperated values)
  • hide_title - (boolean)
  • hide_rank - (boolean)
  • show_icons - (boolean)
  • include_all_commits - Count total commits instead of just the current year commits (boolean)
  • count_private - Count private commits (boolean)
  • line_height - Sets the line-height between text (number)

Repo Card Exclusive Options:

  • show_owner - Show the owner name of the repo (boolean)

Language Card Exclusive Options:

  • hide - Hide the languages specified from the card (Comma seperated values)
  • hide_title - (boolean)
  • layout - Switch between two available layouts default & compact
  • card_width - Set the card's width manually (number)

⚠️ Important:
Language names should be uri-escaped, as specified in Percent Encoding
(i.e: c++ should become c%2B%2B, jupyter notebook should become jupyter%20notebook, etc.)

GitHub Extra Pins

GitHub extra pins allow you to pin more than 6 repositories in your profile using a GitHub readme profile.

Yey! You are no longer limited to 6 pinned repositories.


Copy-paste this code into your readme and change the links.

Endpoint: api/pin?username=anuraghazra&repo=github-readme-stats

[![ReadMe Card](https://github-readme-stats.vercel.app/api/pin/?username=anuraghazra&repo=github-readme-stats)](https://github.com/anuraghazra/github-readme-stats)


ReadMe Card

Use show_owner variable to include the repo's owner username

ReadMe Card

Top Languages Card

Top languages card shows github user's top languages which has been mostly used.

NOTE: Top languages does not indicate my skill level or something like that, it's a github metric of which languages i have the most code on github, it's a new feature of github-readme-stats


Copy-paste this code into your readme and change the links.

Endpoint: api/top-langs?username=anuraghazra

[![Top Langs](https://github-readme-stats.vercel.app/api/top-langs/?username=anuraghazra)](https://github.com/anuraghazra/github-readme-stats)

Hide individual languages

You can use ?hide=language1,language2 parameter to hide individual languages.

[![Top Langs](https://github-readme-stats.vercel.app/api/top-langs/?username=anuraghazra&hide=javascript,html)](https://github.com/anuraghazra/github-readme-stats)

Compact Language Card Layout

You can use the &layout=compact option to change the card design.

[![Top Langs](https://github-readme-stats.vercel.app/api/top-langs/?username=anuraghazra&layout=compact)](https://github.com/anuraghazra/github-readme-stats)


Top Langs

  • Compact layout

Top Langs

All Demos

  • Default

Anurag's github stats

  • Hiding specific stats

Anurag's github stats

  • Showing icons

Anurag's github stats

  • Include All Commits

Anurag's github stats

  • Themes

Choose from any of the default themes

Anurag's github stats

  • Gradient

Anurag's github stats

  • Customizing stats card

Anurag's github stats

  • Customizing repo card

Customized Card

  • Top languages

Top Langs

Quick Tip (Align The Repo Cards)

You usually won't be able to layout the images side by side. To do that you can use this approach:

<a href="https://github.com/anuraghazra/github-readme-stats">
  <img align="center" src="https://github-readme-stats.vercel.app/api/pin/?username=anuraghazra&repo=github-readme-stats" />
<a href="https://github.com/anuraghazra/convoychat">
  <img align="center" src="https://github-readme-stats.vercel.app/api/pin/?username=anuraghazra&repo=convoychat" />

Deploy on your own Vercel instance

Check Out Step By Step Video Tutorial By @codeSTACKr

Since the GitHub API only allows 5k requests per hour, it is possible that my https://github-readme-stats.vercel.app/api could hit the rate limiter. If you host it on your own Vercel server, then you don't have to worry about anything. Click on the deploy button to get started!

NOTE: Since #58 we should be able to handle more than 5k requests and have no issues with downtime :D

Deploy to Vercel

Guide on setting up Vercel 🔨
  1. Go to vercel.com
  2. Click on Log in
  3. Sign in with GitHub by pressing Continue with GitHub
  4. Sign into GitHub and allow access to all repositories, if prompted
  5. Fork this repo
  6. Go back to your Vercel dashboard
  7. Select Import Project
  8. Select Import Git Repository
  9. Select root and keep everything as is, just add your environment variable named PAT_1 (as shown), which will contain a personal access token (PAT), which you can easily create here (leave everything as is, just name it something, it can be anything you want)
  10. Click deploy, and you're good to go. See your domains to use the API!

💖 Support the project

I open-source almost everything I can, and I try to reply to everyone needing help using these projects. Obviously, this takes time. You can use this service for free.

However, if you are using this project and happy with it or just want to encourage me to continue creating stuff, there are few ways you can do it :-

  • Giving proper credit when you use github-readme-stats on your readme, linking back to it :D
  • Starring and sharing the project 🚀
  • paypal.me/anuraghazra - You can make one-time donations via PayPal. I'll probably buy a coffee tea. 🍵

Thanks! ❤️


Contributions are welcomed! <3

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:zap: Dynamically generated stats for your github readmes


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