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An incremental harfbuzz port to Rust

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rustybuzz is an attempt to incrementally port harfbuzz to Rust. But while harfbuzz does a lot of things (shaping, subseting, font querying, etc.), rustybuzz is strictly an OpenType shaper.

You can use it already, since we simply linking hardbuzz statically. And we're testing rustybuzz against harfbuzz test suite.

Embedded harfbuzz version: 2.6.4


  • Subsetting is out of scope and removed.
  • Malformed font is an error now. harfbuzz accepts malformed fonts, but doesn't do shaping in this case.
  • harfbuzz configured to not depend on system libraries, like glib, coretext, freetype, icu. So it relies only on internal implementation, which should be enough in most cases.

Notes about the port

Thanks to Cargo, rustybuzz is pretty modular, unlike harfbuzz, which is basically a monolith. And it can be roughly split into these modules: shaping, subsetting, font parsing, Unicode functions, containers and utilities. While rustybuzz implements only the shaping. Font parsing is handled by the ttf-parser, which is not based on harfbuzz and has its own architecture. Unicode functions also handled by external crates. And most of the containers and utilities were already implemented in the Rust std.


rustybuzz is licensed under the MIT.

harfbuzz is licensed under the Old MIT

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An incremental harfbuzz port to Rust

License:MIT License


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