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A curated list of awesome sheet music software, libraries and resources.

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Awesome Sheet Music

A curated list of awesome tools to create, edit and display sheet music.

Music Notation Software

  • capella (commercial) - Create complete scores.
  • finale (commercial) - Compose, arrange, notate and print engraver-quality sheet music.
  • lilypond - Program and file format for music engraving.
  • musescore - Create, play and print sheet music.
  • opusmodus (commercial) - Software for music composition.
  • sibelius (commercial) - Create and share scores.


Software Libraries

  • alphatab - Cross platform music notation and guitar tablature rendering library.
  • ChorData - Dummy chordbook for mandolin, ukulele and guitar.
  • lilynode - Node.js wrapper for lilypond.
  • lilyware - Node.js middleware for serving rendered lilypond files.
  • ly2video - Generating videos from LilyPond projects.
  • music21 - Toolkit for computational musicology.
  • musical.js - A sequencing WebAudio synthesizer that supports ABC notation.
  • verovio - An library and toolkit for engraving MEI music notation into SVG.
  • zazate.js - Music theory and notation library for javascript and node.js.


  • chromatik (commercial) - Play along to sheet music of previously unreleased tunes.
  • flat.io - The online music score editor for your compositions.
  • getinstinct - Guitar lessons that listen as you play along.
  • lilybin - Web-based LilyPond editor and [github] project.
  • my.vexflow - Publish content with music notation, guitar tablature and chord diagrams without the need for special tools.
  • noteflight (commercial) - Browser based music notation creator and music composition community.
  • playgroundsessions (commercial) - Learn how to play the piano with interactive lessons featuring your favorite songs.
  • soundslice (commercial) - Learn music better with interactive notation and tabs.
  • synthesiagame (commercial) - Learn how to play the piano using falling notes.
  • tunefl - Freely generate and share mini lilypond scores with ease.
  • utab - Synced Chords & Lyrics created by professional musicians.


OMR (Optical Music Recognition)

  • Audiveris - Optical Music Recognition software which processes the image of a music sheet to automatically provide symbolic music information in MusicXML.
  • Rodan - Web-based document recognition system.



A curated list of awesome sheet music software, libraries and resources.

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