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Instant offline SQL-powered data visualisation in your browser

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Sqliteviz is a single-page offline-first PWA for fully client-side visualisation of SQLite databases or CSV files.

With sqliteviz you can:

  • run SQL queries against a SQLite database and create Plotly charts and pivot tables based on the result sets
  • import a CSV file into a SQLite database and visualize imported data
  • export result set to CSV file
  • manage inquiries and run them against different databases
  • import/export inquiries from/to a JSON file
  • export a modified SQLite database
  • use it offline from your OS application menu like any other desktop app


The latest release of sqliteviz is deployed on GitHub Pages at lana-k.github.io/sqliteviz.


For user documentation, check out sqliteviz Wiki.


It's a kind of middleground between Plotly Falcon and Redash.


It is built on top of react-chart-editor, PivotTable.js, sql.js and Vue-Codemirror in Vue.js. CSV parsing is performed with Papa Parse.

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Instant offline SQL-powered data visualisation in your browser


License:Apache License 2.0


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