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An example iOS client using Thrift to connect to a NodeJs server

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Thrift on iOS

An example on accessing a Thrift API from an iOS app.

Building the interfaces

Whenever you change a Thrift interface definition, you need to update the generated code for the languages you're using. In our case, we want to build NodeJS and Cocoa bindings:

thrift -o client/ThriftTest --gen cocoa thrift/messaging-service.thrift 
thrift -o server --gen js:node thrift/messaging-service.thrift 

You usually might not want to version-control the generated code, but generate it during build/compile time instead. The code is included here for a quick reference on what it looks like.

Running the server

To run the server:

cd server
npm install
npm start

If you're curious, there's also a NodeJs-based client you can try out by simply running npm run client

Compiling the client

To test this on a real device, deploy the server code to your hosting of choice (eg. Heroku) and change the server URL on client to point to it.

Thrift 0.9.3

Mac OS 10.13.4 install thrift 0.9.3 with refer link https://gist.github.com/timvlaer/721ba30f8fc6a7aac1b0190e132a4261

p.s. Before you brew link thrift,make sure that you have deleted the high version e.g. thrift@0.11.0. On my mac,the path is "/usr/local/Cellar/thrift/xxxxx"


An example iOS client using Thrift to connect to a NodeJs server


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