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Post-install Tasks

dshoreman opened this issue · comments

Certain types of projects will require additional steps beyond simply cloning the Git repo, such as installing composer dependencies or building assets.

The site manager should have some concept of "tasks" that allows us to specify commands that should be run after a clone or pull. Each task would be stored as its command with a friendly name as a key, e.g.

protected $availableTasks = [
  'composer' => 'vendor/bin/composer install --prefer-dist --no-dev --no-suggest',
  'laravel-migrate' => 'php artisan migrate',
  'npm' => 'npm ci && npm run build',

Eventually a subset would be predefined for each project type / template / whatever they end up being called. For example a PHP project would use composer, but a Laravel project would use both composer and laravel-migrate.

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