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A user's primary group does not immediately show after creation

dshoreman opened this issue · comments

When you create a new user, the default if you leave the group blank is to create a group with the same name and assign that as the primary group.

If you then load the editor to that user, the primary group field is blank. If you then load a different page and come back to reopen the editor, the group is displayed correctly.

Seems the group and/or other data isn't being updated when the user has been saved. Not sure if this also applies to updating an existing user from the editor though.

Looks like the user itself is getting its gid set when the create response comes back, but the groups list isn't refreshed so it doesn't know that gid actually links to anything.

Likely need to hook in some kind of group reloading when users get created. Whether we apply that all the time or only when a group is being created is another question. Probably the former just to avoid faffing around too much...

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