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Target functionality for 1.0

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This issue is a list of all features that should be present and functional to cover the most common tasks in setting up and running an nginx server with multiple live sites.


  • Create a user on the server (for non-root shell and things like bots or ZNC that run a binary)
  • Add groups to a user (or users to a group - eg to add www-data)
  • Configure firewall rules
  • Nginx server configs
  • Clone and pull site files from Git
  • Create a database for a project
  • Install npm/composer dependencies
  • Migrate database (for Laravel/Symfony type projects)
  • Restore database from a dump (to move an existing db)
  • Set permissions on files or directories (possibly recursively)
  • View status of and stop/start/restart services


  • Add extra users
  • Restrict features on a user or group basis
  • Change name, email, password etc
  • Set dark mode, editor preferences etc from one place

Nice to haves (maybe after 1.0)

  • Ability to pick between Apache/Nginx, or MySQL/MariaDB/PostgreSQL etc
  • Custom nginx config / server block snippets
  • Edit site config files such as .env from site editor
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