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LastPatch: LastPass Extension Patcher

LastPatch downloads the latest version of the LastPass extension for Firefox and applies some patches to fix minor UI issues.

Currently synced to version of the LastPass extension


There's nothing special to install for LastPatch. If you have wget, zip and unzip then clone the repo and you're good to go.


  1. Run patch.sh in a terminal

    This downloads the latest extension before extracting, patching and rebuilding it.
    The patched but unsigned addon will be saved to out/lastpass_patched-${version}-unsigned.xpi.

  2. Upload the patched, unsigned .xpi file to AMO Developer Hub and wait for it to be validated automatically

    Set the addon as self-distributed to hide it from AMO, otherwise it'll require manual verification.

  3. Click the button to sign the add-on
  4. Download the signed xpi and drag it into about:addons

Version Suffix

If you make any changes or need to make multiple builds for any reason, AMO may reject your xpi file if the version matches one you've already uploaded previously to AMO. You can get around this by customising the version:

$ VERSION_SUFFIX="01" /path/to/patch.sh

This will append "01" to the current version, resulting in e.g.


Note not all patches may be required. Edit the CSS files as needed in patches/ before running patch.sh.

Currently the following elements are patched:


  • Includes "Patched" in the add-on name to easily identify it in Add-ons Manager
  • Sets the version (if needed)
  • Generates an ID based on your hostname
  • Bumps strict_min_version to 57 to clear a ton of AMO warnings

In-field (and Extension) Generate Password Dialog

  • Password length label: increased contrast
  • Password length input: colour set to black
  • Password length input: background colour set to light grey (extension only)
  • Generated password: colour set to black

Note Dialog

  • Background set to a darkish blue
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