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Somewhat keeping track of what's left to port to the new setup.
These are packages currently installed on the old system, but which were never added to dotfiles.


No idea which of these I'm still using, and it's probably time for a change anyway:

  • breeze breeze-extra breeze-gtk
  • candy-icons-git
  • flatery-icon-theme-git
  • gentium-plus-font
  • gnome-themes-extra
  • gtk-theme-aurora-nuevo
  • kvantum-theme-sweet-git
  • oxygen-icons

Dev Stuff


Don't think I use this any more. Git's pager is set to delta, and grepping dotfiles doesn't find anything either.
Check: Is there a config somewhere for delta that uses it internally?


Almost definitely not used. Better would be aliases (or a script) wrapping https://clbin.com


Won't need this immediately, but it's probably a good reminder in case the db needs updating prior to relocation...
Installed (read: last run) version of the upgrade tool is currently 12.9-1.


Get stuff imported into insomnia (assuming it supports importing from Postman) then remove it.


  • netdata can be added back once server stuff is up
  • playonlinux may still be useful for running e.g. Sketchup and Pokemon Uranium. Pure wine would be better.
  • python-pycryptodome{,x} is optional for youtube-dl and yt-dlp respectively for HLS streams. No idea if I need it or not.

Kodi Addons

Tons of these probably don't even work, but if that's an X/GPU or Kodi/config thing I don't know. Maybe they work on the new system, maybe they don't. Need a complete fresh start, really...

  • kodi-addon-audioencoder-flac
  • kodi-addon-audioencoder-lame
  • kodi-addon-audioencoder-vorbis
  • kodi-addon-audioencoder-wav
  • kodi-addon-game-libretro
  • kodi-addon-game-libretro-beetle-psx
  • kodi-addon-game-libretro-desmume
  • kodi-addon-game-libretro-flycast
  • kodi-addon-game-libretro-gambatte
  • kodi-addon-game-libretro-melonds
  • kodi-addon-game-libretro-mgba
  • kodi-addon-game-libretro-mupen64plus-nx
  • kodi-addon-game-libretro-nestopia
  • kodi-addon-game-libretro-parallel-n64
  • kodi-addon-game-libretro-scummvm
  • kodi-addon-game-libretro-snes9x
  • kodi-addon-game-libretro-yabause
  • kodi-addon-inputstream-adaptive
  • kodi-addon-inputstream-rtmp
  • kodi-addon-peripheral-joystick
  • kodi-addon-screensaver-asteroids
  • kodi-addon-screensaver-biogenesis
  • kodi-addon-screensaver-greynetic
  • kodi-addon-screensaver-matrixtrails
  • kodi-addon-screensaver-pingpong
  • kodi-addon-screensaver-pyro
  • kodi-addon-screensaver-stars
  • kodi-addon-visualization-projectm
  • kodi-addon-visualization-shadertoy
  • kodi-addon-visualization-spectrum
  • kodi-addon-visualization-waveform
  • kodi-prevent-xscreensaver