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Translation extension for Albert Launcher using Google Cloud v3 API

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Incompatible major interface version. Expected 0, got 1

StebanDev opened this issue · comments

Hi, I'm on Manjaro and after following the installation instructions I see in the albert settings ui that the plugin appears disabled, then I started from the console to see the logs and I got the following error:

17:51:25 [debg:python.modulev1] Reading metadata of python module: translate 17:51:25 [warn:python.modulev1] [translate] Incompatible major interface version. Expected 0, got 1

By the way, I have the built-in translate plugin disabled. I would really appreciate your help as I have frequently issues with the rate limit on native plugin.

This could be due to recent changes to the plugin API in albert, which IIRC got a big refactor not too long ago. Are you able to try with an older version of Albert to see if that works?

Closing; see #5 (comment) for details.

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